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Thread: Discussion/Question thread

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    Discussion/Question thread

    Please post any questions you have about the Advent Calendar competition here

    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on."
    Robert Frost

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    Re: Discussion/Question thread

    No entries for day 1 have been received...
    So if you send an entry next time do not forget to send answers for Day#1

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    Re: Discussion/Question thread

    bonjour , comment on fait pour envoyer les réponses , quand on clique sur le lien du directeur çà marche pas

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    Re: Discussion/Question thread

    The link for sending answers goes to a different Travian forum (in India?). Do answers go to the competitions manager on that forum or this one (or doesn't it matter)?

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    Re: Discussion/Question thread

    Quote Originally Posted by historyman View Post
    The link for sending answers goes to a different Travian forum (in India?). Do answers go to the competitions manager on that forum or this one (or doesn't it matter)?
    That looks like a mistake. Send the entries to the competitions manager of this forum. Both forums are running an advent Calender competition, but they are separate.

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    Re: Discussion/Question thread

    Link is corrected now. Please Send the entries here


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    Re: Discussion/Question thread

    Please send your answers in English as English is the official language of the forums
    One answer submission per person
    title should be Advent Answer(title should be advent answer #question number)
    e.g. Advent Answer#3

    IF you have anymore questions you can always ask in for help here

    Answers to Day 5 and the winner will be announced later and ASAP
    The inconvenience is regretted
    Last edited by Competitions Manager; 6th December 2016 at 05:21 AM. Reason: updated info

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    Re: Discussion/Question thread - Windfall Christmas GOLD :D

    This Post is for Forum Admin and Mods

    This is the easiest Advent that has been played. All we need to do is to be online at or around 12 midnight for about 30 min., Wait for posting of Q , hunt answer and Bingo 25 sparkly shiny GOLD .

    I suggest please make it more challenging - vary the time of posting the questions, AS, it takes just few minutes to hunt for answer .
    Also , It will give us more Winners. (I am not complaining as I have already Won 4 times).

    After ALL - Its Christmas - lets live the Spirit of Sharing.

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