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Thread: Pre ARTI Views

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    Re: Pre ARTI Views

    whats the status now?

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    Re: Pre ARTI Views

    Okay. Here goes the updated map after arti with WW plan releasing in 7ish days-

    TK and CO, Legends , URNW , SC (Enemy of WolfDD) . currently dominating in the north west and have their presence in south west and north east.

    WolfDD meta dominating the north east and the whole of south. (Have added TMHTP here. I dont know their stance though.)

    The Ottoman and CO. their counts are getting thin as most of them have left for their own server. Possible joining with TK.

    By the looks of it if Ottoman join TK there are chances that it will be a two meta fight or else it will be a three meta with WolfDD dominating the game.

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    Re: Pre ARTI Views

    Nice analysis

    yes it looks like Tk & Co. still dominate entire NW ... and good presence in NE and SW

    Wolf & Co. is doing good in NE and SE ... SW thy have good presence

    Ottoman & Co. is almost wiped out .... looks like what they can do now is fight 1 side and do a peace treaty with other ... by looks like they have to fight Wolf since they had all the fighting from start .... but choosing to side with Wolf they will be safe inside SE

    for now advantage is with Wolf & Co. in numbers ... but if take closer look at good artis it shows nice advantage to TK & Co. ... so its hard to predict advantage for any side

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