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Thread: Offering myself as Dual

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    Offering myself as Dual


    I am Vinit from India (GMT +5.5). Don't really play speed servers that often, but have been playing for a long time now. Currently playing on in3 as Whiplash.

    I usually play during 9 AM to around 1 AM IST (+5.5). Not regularly, but active if needed.
    If anyone needs a dual ping me on skype or here. My skype id is vinit_singh101

    I can add gold to the account if the duals are good. Preferably Off accounts, but I'd be happy to try def as well.
    Thank you for this:

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    Re: Offering myself as Dual

    Let me know if you are interested in handling a def account

    ping me on skype.. since you are already my frnd

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