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Thread: Post Server Party

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    Re: Post Server Party

    The people who stayed truely impressed me... Anyone who either wants to play with myself/VP again please add my skype canada.laxbros27 send message with your In game name!

    Chris of Jupiter

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    Re: Post Server Party


    Itís a sign of a good server when so many were able to stick it out for so long. Well done to everyone that was able to stand the test of time and come out still standing at the other side and if you didnít make it all the way but played a part then thank you too. I know I didnít make it to the end, far too much changes in life over the course of 400 odd days made me miss out on a few months towards the end but I stuck at it as much as I could.

    A few things Iíd like to cover as thanks to a my team and to the others.

    First, Iíd like to call the result what it is. A Natar win. You can trumpet it around like Rboyz won but you were always second to the natars, you never reached level 100 so you canít claim victory when you didnít reach the finish line.

    So, After being bitter Iíll get on with some more niceties and do a we wrap up of what I can for the server.

    Me? Iím Ali, one half of Angus Young. Myself and Andrew teamed up at the start of the server and the rest is history. Andrew is total one of a kind, an absolute hero to be working with and weíve been some team. For a decent part of the server I stepped up to be a board member, offence coordinator, defence trouble-shooter and just generally tried my hand at what needed doing. Most importantly I had fun doing it and fun working with the crew.

    I would have to say thank you to everyone that was involved with MoQO. We were a hugely successful team. We had small numbers but a large heart. Itís been a long time since Iíve seen such a great bond on teamwork and I never had any problems sorting attacks or defence. I was pretty overwhelmed by the faith, support and council given to me in offence/defence. It was a big responsibility and making the wrong call could have been devastating to our team.

    I and the others that turned their hands to our attack planning and execution of attacks have done a fantastic job and I believe we have now set a new AU offensive record (doesnít look quite as god when 3mil attack points deleted, but still a good effort).

    I also have to extend my thanks to CSS. Another group who extended friendship and trust towards MoQO, especially myself and at one point we put up quite a sturdy defence show for a while and stopped a few good hammers and from there CSS when from strength to strength.

    And to top it off a thank you to Rboyz, It wonít go down as a great performance. I saw lots of poor coordination and some bad teamwork at times but that no way reflects the group of hardy, resistant folk that made up the team because sometimes things donít always fall into place. The longevity of the team and friendships made will make sure that you really are a top team next time (that and having had a good look at the MoQO playbook).

    Sorry. Rambling now. I for certain will be continuing my break from travian for the foreseeable future. I wish everyone the best of luck for their future endeavours.

    Thank you for keeping me entertained for the last year and a half.

    Angus Young

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    Re: Post Server Party

    This server was monumental, after this server I need also to quit at least for a while, and I understand why so many start and don't finish their work...

    But its not something I could do...for me it was a labour of love, and I can't watch my beautiful little villages suffer at the hands of some bully, so I kept going.

    I also see my team continue to work so hard, fighting like the cartoon warriors represented in the game and playing so well and I just can't leave despite wanting to quit and almost quitting so many times (including actually quitting for a month or so). I'm could not bring myself to leave, not when I could help, not when we could win.

    I assume the team I love is not so different to the RB team, I'm sure we have much in common just from diffent sides of the fence.

    But one thing I think was different between our teams was the level of success we enjoyed for much of the server. While the victories and enjoyment our actions provided helped keep me going everyday, I'm sure quitting would have been easy road to take for those just off my computer screen to the left, or south...

    The only bad thing about beating up on RB and Co. was watching them bounce back...I think I know how it feels to fight a terminator...when you blow up the truck he is in, and he crawls from the ruins...maybe this server could be made into a movie!

    So congratulations to our opponents, they should have won easily, they also should have lost the way we attacked and played, in the end they were stronger for longer than us, it is clear. I have said all I want to on the result itself and my interpretation of it, my thoughts are clearly expressed elsewhere and I don't resign from them.

    We were aware of the challenge of taking on the might of RB & Co. without alligning with any other teams. In hindsight some different tactics might have served us better, but que sera sera, and the unlikely victory if we had got there would have been something to be so very proud of...with big challenges come big rewards, but it wasn't to be. I suppose we shot for the stars but the moon got in the way.

    I could say many thing about the server for many hours. Just a few of the more significant and enjoyable things I'd reflect on though, clearly from a MoQO point of view....

    A huge thanks to MoQO players who lasted the journey. It is easy to be disappointed in the result (especially the final announcement that I did not think reflected the actual outcome) but they should only be proud of themselves...that result was not a reflection on us, if not for playing as long and as hard as we did, RB would have finished the WW and achieved a clear victory.

    Special thanks to MoQO leaders who were about at the end, especially those who stepped up to run and sit the WW, some of the nicest people and best players I've seen, albeit in a short Travian career.

    A great performance by CSS, clearly underated for much of the server, but in many ways the equal of MoQO and RB, thanks for the support they provided, and fun we had splatting RB hammers with them.

    So many laughs watching Goblins team pull off attacks on RB (especially MoQO's self proclaimed deity - stooby). The classic was stealing Jupiter's plans (with the Means team too) provided more than a week of solid laughs watching the fall out from that, a simple but wonderful piece of attacking, it showed what is sometimes possible in this game of huge armies and 24 hour activity.

    Well done to all our big hammers, but especially Gimpel on the WWK he built...the hammer of the server. A great should be remembered he was an active attacker and he was ALWAYS ready to use his troops in addition to building that monster...a special mention to Gobs and Mith as well who also built great hammers regularly.

    Very surprised by the hammers RB were able to pull out at the end and when we saw these we knew it was congratulations on getting that right and some nice steals at the end too, although we were almost done then in terms of player loss by then, and our will and ability to fight was almost gone.

    Thanks too to Ali, both as a leader in MoQO, a roll he performs so well on all the levels be it diplomacy or planning def or attack, a great communicator, a star at pulling people together and sorting out the BS and a great student of the game. But my thanks are mainly as my dual. I had a ball playing with you mate, many laughs, a couple of nervous moments but the success we enjoyed was amazing. The awesome raiding, the attacking and defending, even a little simming from myself to build an account that was something for us both to be very proud of from the get go. I had so much fun growing our account to be a dominant one and we reaped the rewards. For people who don't know I'm only a relative newbie to all this (3rd server and first I've played from the start) if thats a little surprise to you then thats largely a pat on the back to Ali (not forgetting a lot of advice from Jen over the last two servers thrown in too). It was a shame for MoQO to lose you during the server.

    A special thanks to Jen for her guideance and cool disposition during the last two servers, I've really enjoyed playing with you Jen.

    I'll also be having a break for quite a while in fact not sure I'll return - Good luck to all, I hope you never have to play another server like that.


    Andrew (Angus Young)

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    Re: Post Server Party

    Hey Andrew,
    Well written response Any chance you can enlighten me on the plans I lost? The server lasted too long I dont quite remember this event :3 (Not denying it happened, I just really dont know)

    ----------------Edited below-------------
    Just checked the old treasury, I never lost a set of BPs... not sure what ya meant mate :/ please elaborate!
    Last edited by Jupiter; 30th January 2015 at 08:57 AM. Reason: Checked facts

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    Re: Post Server Party I think this is the one Prince was referring to.
    While I am here I would also like to thank everyone for a wonderful server, very long but never boring.

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    Re: Post Server Party

    I think the one he remembers was when I stole a set by just sending hero, no idea who it was against but they'd already knocked down treasury and didn't have any def their.


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    Re: Post Server Party

    i remember this one, and force me to use my wonder roller to steal another set from natar

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    Re: Post Server Party

    Well who knew Thanks mate :3

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