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Thread: Alliance-less 1-village players

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    Alliance-less 1-village players

    Within a 2-hour-TT-distance I have around 60 players with one village only and no alliance.

    Is this normal ? It seems to me a large number and I have not noticed this on any server before. They are here since more than 1 month, are active and seem to survive.

    Also I notice on this server a ton of players having _within_their_names. Also active. What to think about those ? Filler accounts ? Bots ?

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    Re: Alliance-less 1-village players

    no it is not normal, they are probably only functioning because they are farms for other people and have crannies big enough to keep some reso for themselves also...i would hammer into them and see what you can long as you have a few thousand troops in your hammer you can easily overwhelm them

    as for the players haveing an underscore in their name i wouldn't worry about it... if they are farm-able then farm them otherwise no worries, there are people who use it to make their name different to everyone else, there are others who use to for bots, i say farm them all, take what you can, give nothing back

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    Re: Alliance-less 1-village players

    Au1 has the same problem i have sent the Multi hunter a IGM. They seem to hover around the 350-500pop mark and look hell similar on Trav ani growth is pretty much the same. The Cranny pisses me off with 5k to 10k.

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    Re: Alliance-less 1-village players

    Scouting those players always brings up resources well under cranny limit. But yet no troops and limited pop increase

    Where are the resources going?

    Somebody is using them as a way of constant res transfers....Maybe. Cynical view on my behalf

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