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Thread: How to use the forum's multiquote function

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    **btw someone teach me how to put multiple quotes into my response please?
    At the bottom of the posts, you should see the following buttons: one saying "quote", then one beside it with a page with speech marks on it (if you hover over it with your mouse it says "multiquote"), one that says "rep" and a red triangle with an exclamation mark (for reporting posts).

    To quote more than one post, click on the multiquote button at the bottom of each of the posts you want to quote, in the order in which you wish to quote them. Once you have selected all the posts you want to quote, hit the "quote" button on one of them, and it will bring up a box as usual, with all the quotes on it. Then just type your text in wherever you'd like to.

    [ca]Made this a mini-guide for reference.[/ca]

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