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Thread: 9c capital vs 15c capital

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    Quote Originally Posted by aesculapian View Post
    This post here gives you an idea of how far to develop your capital non-crop fields, relative to the crop fields.

    In a nutshell, for (roughly) a 100-150% 15C capital:

    So, I would say non-crop fields 3 to 4 levels below your capital crop fields is the most efficient gap.
    i completely missed that thread. and the thing written by meatbag is very well written, and IMO is much more useful then this thread.

    To be honest, i tend to keep all resource tiles in the capital relatively low, as i try to focus the time and resource focus into infrastructure and crop tiles.

    Buipsquid and yourself have made excellent points on extending the resource tiles, i might follow that idea next round.
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