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Thread: Rosens Guide to Starting Up

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    Rosens Guide to Starting Up

    Not very active? Here's what you need to make it through, and still be a great contributer/have some fun in the game!
    This guide is based on my own experience as a predator of those who are less active, and hence based on what would likely make a person like me stay far away from you. It is aimed at the player who doesnt have alot of time to play. You will require a little more activity during the start up, so maybe start on a weekend if that suits you better, you dont have to start the same day the server does.

    Q1) Hammer or anvil?
    A1) Well, hammers require a certain amount of activity to be useful, but if you're way out in the boonies, this
    might be the choice for you anyways, lets discuss the pro's and cons.
    First of all, as a hammer player, you WONT have much defense, and if you arent very active and neither have
    overactive sitters, this might just straight ahead be a bad choice, you'll most likely end up getting your
    hammer killed while you're offline, then rage quitting. That being said, if you are way out in the boonies of
    your quad, and on good terms with the quad meta power, then you could practically create a hammer anyway, and
    just store it for end game (A World Wonder Killer, or WWK.)
    By far the best choice, however, will be to go anvil.

    *Hammers are accounts focusing on a few select villages producing offense troops.
    *Anvils are accounts focused on producing defense troops.

    1.1 Starting up - Tribe Choice

    Ok, so you've decided to join the game, and make a profile, you have 3 choices of tribe:

    Lets discuss Teuton first.
    Teutons are generally seen as prey early game, active raiders from all 3 tribes will target teutons, hoping all
    they have is some club swingers that are easily killed, and then turn them into a farm from there.
    This is in part because you need to develop either Spearmen or Paladins for defense, unlike the other tribes,
    whose starting unit is based on defense.
    This makes the Teuton a bad choice for anvil players, but it can be pulled off, if for nothing else because
    their troops are so cheap.

    Next are the Gauls, this tribe is by far percieved as the "best" defender tribe of the game. And on top of their
    defense units (the phalanx is probably the best balanced defense unit, and its a cheap starter unit too) gauls
    get trappers, and a bonus to crannies.
    The combination of trappers (each trapper building allows you to trap up to 20 troops per level of the building)
    and defense, makes it easy to make teutons and others give you a wide birth early on. Their druid riders also
    make for excellent anti-infantry defense throughout the game, and allows them to defend their villages, even far
    flung, easily. The Gaul tribe is clearly gets my major recommendation as for tribes that are easy for the guy
    who doesnt have so much time to play.

    The last tribe are the Romans. The Romans are expensive, but allows the player to build both a resource field,
    and a building at the same time, in each village - a huge advantage if you arent very active.
    Their starter unit is a good basic all-arounder, able to raid, attack, and defend with some medicracy.
    The Roman is a clear contender for easy anvil tribe.

    1.2 Starting Up - Universal Advice

    Ok, so now you picked your tribe, and started your account. The first thing you should notice, is the Advisor on
    the left. Depending on your tribe, he will look like a Chief, Chieftain or Senator.
    Following this guide is ultimately recommended. It should easily be possible to complete these goals early on,
    while still in beginners protection, and the extra resources rewarded are very useful to those who dont have the
    time to raid.
    I also recommend following the Military Route, even though you arent aggressive.

    No matter your tribe, make sure you build your cranny to Level 10 while completing these goals.
    Once the goals are complete, level all resource fields to level 3, and build an extra Cranny to level 10.
    This will protect your resources initially.

    1.21 Starting Up - Teuton

    Okay, so you went for the cheap mass production capability of the teutons.
    By now, you have set up your village, and gotten your resource fields to level 3 and you've built a barrack.
    Luckily, the Spearman is easy to get. Level your barrack to 3rd level if you havent already, make an academy,
    and build a 3rd Cranny to L10.

    Now research the Spearmen, and produce 1 Spearman for every population point you have. Do NOT let your crop per hour run low at this point, make sure its atleast +30 per hour, and keep upgrading cropfields if you run low.

    Once you have a 1 spearman to 1 population point ratio, expand your resource fields further to 4th level, and a single cropfield to 5th level. Build a Grain Mill level 1 after doing this.

    From here on, keep producing enough spearmen to match your population points, while raising resource field levels.
    Upon reaching 7th level for resource fields, begin to double your spearmen (go for 2 spearman to 1 population point ratio.)
    At this point, you should up the level of your wall to 10. If you experience attacks often, increase the level further.

    Upon completing your level 10 resource fields, build your warehouse and granary to level 19. This allows you some peace of mind while sleeping as regards to resources, and lets you save them up too.
    After getting a level 19 warehouse and granary, and level 5 grain mill and bakery, up your spearman to
    population ratio to 3:1.

    Once you have a 3:1 spearman to population ratio, level your academy to level 10, and produce a level 1 town hall.
    Run 1 celebration every day in your village until you can settle. Settle a good 15 cropper.
    As said previously, do NOT let your village run into negative crop.

    This is rather rough guide, but should prevent you from becoming a farm. Dont be afraid to build 5 or 6 crannies
    in your first village, as you wont be able to produce a massive amount of defense before you have a capital -
    we'll discuss capitals universally later.

    1.22 Starting Up - Gaul

    Okay, the Gaul sounded like something for you. Great!
    By now, you have set up your village, and gotten your resource fields to level 3 and you've built a barrack.
    Because of your cranny abilities, you dont need any troops or traps yet. This is good too, as it allows you to
    focus on getting your resource production up.

    Start by leveling your fields to 5, make sure the first level 5 field you build is a cropfield, and make a grain mill.

    After getting level 5 fields, make a 3rd cranny to 10th level. Then up your resource fields to level 7, and make a 4th and a 5th cranny. The 5th cranny will allow you to sim your resource fields to level 10 without worry, make a 6th cranny if teutons bother you often despite of your crannies.

    Once your resource fields hit level 10, build a level 10 academy, and a level 1 town hall - start celebrating daily until you can settle.
    Meanwhile, as you wait for the celebrations to generate you the CP to settle, begin making phalanx until you use all but 100 crop per hour in that village.
    When you reach a 1:1 phalanx to population ratio in your village, build a level 20 trapper and fill it with traps. This will go a long way to protect you early on.

    Settle a good 15 cropper.

    1.23 Starting Up - Roman

    So, the industrious roman is something for you. Good
    By now, you have set up your village, and gotten your resource fields to level 3 and you've built a barrack.
    First of all, you need a 3rd cranny to protect you from the teutons who will come for you, hoping you are easy
    prey. Once this is done, start producing legionaries. Keep a 1 legionaire to population ratio, but do NOT let your village come to close to negative crop, if you get below +30 crop per hour, make more cropfields first before making more troops.

    After getting a 1:1 legionaire to population ratio, start upping your resource fields to level 7. Keep producing legionaries, keeping that 1:1 ratio.
    When you reach level 7 fields, build a level 1 academy and a level 1 armory and research Praetorians. Once the Praetorians are researched, make a 1:1 praetorian to population ratio.

    Now you should have a 2 troops to 1 population ratio. The Legionaries protect somewhat well against both infantry and cavalry, and the praetorians make short work of any infantry coming your way.
    Finish your resource fields to level 10, while maintaining the 2:1 troop ratio.

    Upon finishing the level 10 fields, make a level 19 Warehouse, Granary and Marketplace.
    Now level your academy to level 10, and make a level 1 Town Hall. Start celebrating daily until you have enough CP to settle.

    Settle a good 15 cropper.

    2.0 Settling - Location Location Location

    Alright, I'm going to be honest, there is an alternative to 15 croppers that might be worth considering, especially if you can not use gold. But we'll discuss this last.

    A good settle location for your future capital usually means a 100% or better 15 cropfield abandoned valley.
    The Capital is the only village you will be allowed to produce fields above level 10 inside, and accounts for the vast majority of your production, especially for the first half of the game. Hence, the location and its availible oases are important.

    As a minimum, I recommend finding a 15 cropfield abandoned valley, with atleast 75% combined crop bonuses availible. To determine whether this is possible, add the 3 highest cropoasis' in a 3 square distance from your chosen settlement location together.

    As soon as you settle your capital, start using the resources from your starter village to upgrade its cropfields. The faster you get to level 10, the faster you get to have a big army.

    Alternatively, for people who dont have alot of gold, settling a 75% crop oasis 9 cropfield village is also a good option, as itll provide some non-crop resources to use for upgrading the capital.

    3.0 - What to do Next?

    Here I'm going to recommend joining a good alliance, ask for help often, and use the in game Supporters that are
    always availible for your assistance. They are availible by writing to Support.
    You should also try to explore the Guides posted on the Travian forum connected to the domain you play with, and definately read for specific game information.

    Also, the Instructions link found on the left menu bar, provides useful additional data, that should be up to date for the specific server version.

    Other than that, continue celebrating in all your villages, continue building your resource fields in your capital, continue settling villages around your capital and build them somewhat as you built the first. Specialize a handful of villages for defense troop production, upgrade the Barrack and Armory to level 20 in these villages, and keep them building Spearmen/Phalanx/Praetorians 24/7. Store troops that cant be fed by the villages producing these troops in your capital, your other villages, and ask your alliance if you can store your defense troops other places.
    Add the Trade Office to your villages as they become complete, and ship their resources to the villages producing your defense troops.

    If you have lots of excess resources from a specific resource type, such as iron (if spamming spears fx,) try trading it for a resource you need (such as lumber,) while you sleep or otherwise arent online.
    Try trading at a 1:1.5 ratio only (IE, offer 1000 iron for 1500 lumber.)
    Dont overdo it though, if you dont have alot of defense to protect you, others (like me) might check the marketplace to see what villages have alot of resources where when finding oppertunity farms. So trade amounts that could probably (when others are guessing) be protected by your cranny and troops.

    Even at low capacity for time, this should allow you to build 1-200,000 defense troops over a round, without much more activity than shipping merchants back and forth between villages, and queueing more defense.

    Defense Units Ranked by Total Defense per Upkeep ((InfDef+CavDef)/Upkeep)

    1. Praetorian - 100
    2. Spearman - 95
    3. Phalanx - 90
    4. Legionaire - 85
    5. Druidrider - 85
    6. Haeduan - 71,67
    7. Paladin - 70

    As you can read out of this, infantry defense units are the strongest in the game, however, the cavalry defense in the game is quick, and can be used to reinforce far flung allies in need of defense, as well as to be inserted in between in coming catapult waves if possible, when under attack later in the game.

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    Thanks for that Rosen. Helps me understand what I have done wrong so many times.

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