Uh, oh! Incoming Attack, what do I do now?

This Guide Should be for a Troop with the same speed as yours
This can work with any Tribe aswell, for example Gaul, if your countering TT's using TT's, go ahead
Can also be used for any Game Speed (1x/2x/3x/5x/10x) and so on

What is Counter Attacking?

Counter-Attacking is when you have an incoming attack, dodge it then hit them back 1 second after their troops arrive, sounds confusing? Yeah, it should, I will explain

Why do we Counter Attack and not just dodge?

You Counter Attack to kill your enemys troops, because if a neighbour is pestering you in the first 1-5 weeks and you want him to stop sending his troops to you, have an attempt at a counter that should teach him , after that, start farming him to see your not a noob

Internet Connection

Most people's internet connections have a lag, about 1-2 second lag, if you are a skilled counter'er and have fast internet, you can counter in the same second the attack lands at your opponents home giving them no seconds to dodge, when sending a Counter-Attack you shouldn't have more than 1-4 seconds for them to dodge

Resource Spending

It is also ideal to spend all your resources, for example build 2 Buildings then NPC the rest for Troops or just NPC for Troops or just spend as much Resources before enemy attack hits

How do we know if it is the same unit

(I would recommend not countering a Gaul or Teuton, until you devolop)
As soon as you see an attack
[1] Note the tribe
[2] Note the timings

For example:

Me and my neighbour are both Teutons
I notice the attack lands in 8 minutes, and 30 seconds as soon as it was sent
so then I send 1 Clubswinger as an example
and do this with all units until you find out what unit they sent with
Then you find out they are attacking with Clubswingers and you have 113 at home

How do I Counter Attack?

Open up 3 Tabs:
● Tab 1 - For a random nearby farm and then click on the Map Square

● Tab 2 - To see when the attack will hit
● Tab 3 - For the person your countering and click on the Map Square
My Target's Co-Ords at the moment will be (-50|-50)

On Tab 1 click send Troops, type in how much troops are at home/will be when all Reins have returned that were before the Attack.
On Tab 3 click send Troops, type in how much troops are at home/will be when all Reins have returned that were before the Attack.

When there is 50 seconds left for the attack to hit send troops away to nearby farm on Tab 1 cancel when it is 25 seconds left for the attack, which will mean the troops will come home same second as opponents hit

Then on Tab 3 send Troops to the guy you are Countering

If you can manage to hit the enemy the same second there troops return it is called a snipe

A quick glance on what to do

Enemy Troops hit at 6:30:00PM
Your Troops return at 6:30:00PM

Tab 1 - Send Troops to a nearby farm at 6:30:00 and return them at 6:30:30 meaning they will return home at 7:00:00
Tab 2 - Send returned Troops to hit the enemy at 7:00:00 or 7:00:01

Also there is a FF Add-On called FoxTab which lets you see one of your tabs and another tab in like a same tab

Incoming Troop Finder

If you want to find out what your opponent is attacking you with, this calculator may be useful

Another Troop Calculator

If you want to work out when to send Counter Attacks for incoming attacks which are not the same speed, for example, countering a mace clearance army with your Paladins/EI's/TT's

And there you have it
Hope you like the guide
If I have made any mistakes, please correct me
If you have any tips or improvements to add, let me know

The end results should look like this:

Risks on Counter-Attacking

Here are the risks, this can present to yourself at the same time.
As when troop numbers get higher than the Roman Troop Unit: EC (as a first example) has a decent Defencive structure and most Alliances would be willing to send Defence to take out an enemy hammer. (Which is often easy when someone follows home as few do it for fakes)
Though this is a great way to take out enemy armies it can be used against you.

Players should be aware of this:
Also mentioning the dangers of being even 2 or 3 seconds after they land as some can fully relocate in that time. And having a friendly player help you counter is alot easier than sending yourself to land on same second and out again.

And again many players can see Travel Speeds from External Websites as you said so could see TTs coming in and have a mass Spearman Reinforcement to wipe them out which will be very costly to any early dual.

However the players skilled enough to counter your counters are rarely found as enemies to this stage early on, or at least I haven't bumped Into them lol

Benefits of Countering Attacking on Same Second

It benefits you because it will be very hard for him to dodge then counter you back and all his troops to do

DisBenefits of Countering Attacking on Same Second

There isn't really any, except from if you do it on same second you might accidentally kill all your troops instead if you are doing by the same second

Benefits of Countering Attacking on a few seconds later

There isn't any unless the person who your Attacking is crap at dodging/countering is crap at countering or offline

DisBenefits of Countering Attacking on a few seconds later

Easy for them to counter you back meaning you have the chance of losing all your troops you are countering with

Thanks for Reading, Joe