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Thread: Cheifing an Artefact Village

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    Cheifing an Artefact Village

    This guide is intended for skilled players, with a big gold budget. As such, I'm not going to go into detail about artefacts. This is purely a guide on what to do if you end up chiefing an artefact village. I'm writing it because by an unusual set of circumstances I ended up in charge of getting a Natarian oasis ready for 80k def in just 7 hours, it's not much fun. This guide is essentially a step by step process of what I did, with some changes to make it more effective. It works, we successfully stopped a 60+k hammer less than 16 hours after, and could have done so if it landed ~10 hours after. This is a very specific guide, and doesn't have a huge amount of relevance, it probably only happens once or twice a server, however, it will be helpful for someone, someday.

    When to Chief
    The only time I'd recommend chiefing an artefact village is if you were preparing to take a small artefact, and have an account or unique spawn very close to you. If the village is more than an hour away by merchant, it's just not worth it, likewise if you have a lvl 20 Treasury already.

    There's two reasons I say this, firstly, if it's a popular artefact, and it's not obviously close to you, people will be heading for it. And you don't want to smash your hammer, just to have the artefact taken an hour later. If it's within sight of your villages, you've got a good chance that people will assume you're taking it, giving you a breathing space.

    Secondly, at the beginning you'll be sending resource shipments every 2 minutes, and the closer it is, the faster you can start building.

    What to Target
    When you're planning to chief an artefact village, send several waves of catapults. The clearer should target the residence, with second shot on random. With 19 crannies, and only 3 buildings (rally point, residence and Treasury), you've got a good chance of not hitting anything vital. Even if you do hit the treasury, you're not losing much, as it'll almost certainly get knocked down when people come looking for the artefact.

    I'd recommend a clearer and at least 1 wave double targeting random. This will clear at least 3 build spaces, and most times 4.

    What to do Once You Have the Village
    The village has no mainbuilding, no granary, no warehouse and no cropfields. As such, your first priority is to gold up the cropfields. Even lvl 1 cropfields will take 12 minutes with no MB, and that's time you can't afford. While you're golding up cropfields, send merchant shipments of 800 of each resource every 2 minutes from the closest village. Whenever two orders are queued, instant build. The final step to do before construction, is to get alliance defence to land 2+ hours after you chief the village.

    Once the merchants start coming in, you'll have a good rhythm going, wait for them to arrive, queue and instabuild, and then repeat. As soon as you're out of negative crop, build a level 1 Mainbuilding, queuing a wall or cropfield at the same time. If you have sent catapults targetting random, build a granary and warehouse on the free spots, and a marketplace if you have enough free. To get to this point with shipments coming every 2 minutes will take around an hour, during which you'll need to be paying complete attention.

    If you didn't want to destroy the treasury, and as such only have one free spot, it is possible to build a mainbuilding up to level 10 without a warehouse or granary. Once you've done this, begin demolishing a cranny. While you can queue wall levels to go with this, I personally splurged, and insta-builded down through 10 cranny levels in less than 2 minutes. The first spot free should go to a granary, which you gold up as high as possible as fast as possible, again demolishing a cranny simultaneously.

    Mainbuilding, Granary and Warehouse Started
    Once you have all 3 of these buildings started, it gets a lot easier. The shipments being sent from the other villages can increase in size, and you'll get a lot more done. The granary should go to level 20 first, as you'll be feeding 70k crop an hour very shortly. The warehouse should be levelled to the bare minimum for the wall, and then left alone. Once you have one granary done, turn your attention to the village wall. A level 13 or 14 warehouse will easily suffice. All of this should be done with insta build, and by this stage the defence should be coming in, so make sure to send crop shipments as well. In addition, continue demolishing crannies at all times.

    Once you get the wall and a granary to level 20, the gold can start to slow down. If you have several spaces free, build multiple low level granaries, otherwise take a secondary one to level 20, golding the longer levels.

    Once the attacks start rolling in, cross your fingers and pray. With 2 granaries a 70k+ defence is easily manageable, and that will be able to fend off most attacks. A 70k hammer will crash on this defence, killing about 1/2, meaning that your enemy will be forced to dedicate at least 2 large hammers to taking the artefact, something they probably wont be willing to do.

    In all, this process cost around 200 gold, of which 100 was spent insta-building the cropfields and demolishing crannies. Whenever possible, avoid having to do this, however, if you just can't pass up the unique 1/2 crop sitting next door to your capital, or the 3x speed next to your hammer, but don't have a treasury high enough, this is a way of doing it for much less in the way of resources, although a lot more in the way of gold.

    To give an idea of what you're facing when chiefing a Natar village, I've very kindly be given this screenshot of what it appears as. The one empty space belonged to the Residence, and as you can see, the negative crop is in the region of 150 (153 pop for a vill missing the residence, the first is stray clubbies.)

    Note: While the village name appears there, it's not linked to any server, and is the generic village name for that arti, so I don't think it really matters?
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    I liked it +rep

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    thanks for this, a good informative read.

    + rep'ed this for your effort, and hopefully if i ever need to do this, ill remember how

    Bignell -> Heldire -> ROFL WAFFLES...and back to Heldire

    Currently on
    Heldire - Au5
    HaveFun - Com1

    Best hammer to date, after using it all round playing smashy.

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    An extra little hint: Natar loyalty goes down faster than player loyalty. I find that where I might need 6-7 chiefs to take a gaul/teut/roman village, I might only need 4 to take a Natar village.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    An extra little hint: Natar loyalty goes down faster than player loyalty. I find that where I might need 6-7 chiefs to take a gaul/teut/roman village, I might only need 4 to take a Natar village.
    You'll find that's due to the morale bonus, as opposed to a difference in village coding. Natar's are nearly always the same size or larger than the player chiefing them, and as such there is no morale bonus to the defender. This lets a Teut/Gaul chief do 20-25 each and every time, while a Roman will do 25-30, even without a big party.

    It's very rare that an account chiefs from from one larger than them, and as such the morale bonus comes into effect on most occasions. This can be very noticeable, and considering what I've seen of your accounts, I suspect that is what you're finding when you're not cheifing Natars.

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    im not sure, but thought id ask to have it clarified

    Ive heard that the moral bonus works both ways, ie, gives a defense bonus to a small player being attacked by a larger player, AND gives the smaller player an offense bonus when attacking a larger player?

    Problem is ive never been able to find proof, but i have on many times found that the troop losses i sustained completely smaller then what the combat simulator suggested (but that could be due to a bad estimate of the armour on the defense troops, and or bad estimate of the hero defense point assignments and so on)

    Played travian for 4 years, and all I got was:

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    I'm pretty sure there is something different going on with Natar loyalty. Kirilloid gives a range of what loyalty your chiefs would reduce a village by (i.e. 18-22%). It takes into account population of the accounts. Yet I'm pretty sure I remember Natar loyalty dropping by significantly more than it read on a few occasions. After learning my lesson with a few messy oasis capturing missions (with multiple accidental re-chiefings off alliance mates), I decided it would be a good idea for teutons to lower the loyalty of a Natar village because they can both increase chiefing powers (with large celebration) and decrease (with brewery). So if the loyalty is going down to fast or slow, you can adjust accordingly.

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