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Thread: yet *another* hero guide

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    yet *another* hero guide

    Heros used wisely are an important part of your army.

    Which troops to make a hero:
    Provided that you have a level 1 (or higher) heros mansion, then almost any unit can be made into a hero.
    You can only have 1 alive hero at ANY time. But should they die, you can have up to 3 dead heros and you can choose which one to revive. This is useful as heros that are high level can be too costly and time consuming to revive, so if your hero dies, you can quickly create a new hero, and when that new hero dies you will be able to revive your main hero.

    There are two things to consider when choosing the most suitable hero:
    - speed
    - price

    When you first start off, you only have one village, so speed isnt a major issue, price is.
    Cheap heros are:
    - phalanx
    - clubbies
    - imps (imps for aggressive players, legions or praets are acceptable for defensive players)

    phals, clubs and imp all move at 7 squares per hour. They are cheap to revive. At higher levels other heros can be too expensive to revive!

    Once you have a few distant villages, major issues are speed:
    Fast heros are:
    - EI
    - Paladin
    - TT

    Still, these are expensive to revive at a later stage, but cheaper compared to other EC / heads / TK's

    The exception to the above rule should only be if early game you are getting attacked alot early game, you might be better to build whichever unit you can that has the highest defensive statistics and then put all 5 hero points on defence, (if your hero is level 0 you can put all points on defense, then later reset the points and put all points on regen to make him heal faster) and dont worry when your hero dies, when he dies, you might decided to revive him, or just create the hero you wanted.

    Hero Crop usage.
    Regardless of what troop you make a hero, all heros use only 6 crop.

    Heros points, and point allocations:

    Now with heros, each time they level up, you get 5 points that can be assigned anywhere. At first when its level 0 you can move the hero points anywhere but after it hits level 1, the points cant be moved around and are fixed. But the new points can be assigned anywhere, and in any order that you want.

    With hero points, where you put the first 5 points will depend on what your doing in the game. I would recommend putting 1 points to regen and if your playing offense/farming, then put 4 points to offense. If your playing defense then you should put 4 points on defense. Now everytime your hero levels up, put at least 1 point to regen (until you have around 5 points on regen) all other points should be place on either the offense bonus or the defense bonus, and that depends on your playing style.
    (the reason offense players need to put 3-4 points on offense is that anytime you attack / raid a village the heros health drops slightly, having a stronger hero offense reduces the drop in the hero health from the wall + residence.)

    With a high level hero, you can have 20% offense bonus! Increasing the individual attack of the hero gives little benefit, but if you have a 20% attack bonus, and you have a small 10,000 imp army, well your army is effectively 12,000! Same with defense. If you have a large 10,000 anvil, and have a 20% hero defense bonus, then your defense is effectively 12,000!

    How do heros level up / How is the experience of a hero calculated?
    You only gain XP when you kill the enemies troops and when the hero is present in the battle.
    Lets say that someone attacks your village with 1 troop, and you have a hero, but he wasnt in the attacked village, then the hero gains no experience.
    If you get attacked and someone else had their hero in your village, then their hero will gain the hero xp from that battle. Heros will gain experience if the are in the attack as either the attacker or in the village as one of the defenders.

    Experience/exp = cropupkeep of the dead soldier; Each opposing dead soldier in a battle where a hero took part is added as experience. So if infantry is killed its 1 point per kill. But if cavalry then its 2,3,or4 (depending on which troop it was) and you can earn 6 experience points just for catapults.

    Now you can have more then one hero defending someone, and the hero xp is split between each player. So if you killed 500 in crop of enemies troops, and there were 50 heros in the village defending, then thats 500xp / 50 heros = 10experience points per hero

    Now that you have some points on what a hero is, lets chat about some examples.

    Lets say that you have a few multiple attacks incoming to a few of your different villages, your not worried at all as you have ample defence, but what you want is a hero thats fast enough to be at one village, get the hero xp there, and then move him to the other village, and get more hero xp there. The more XP you get, the stronger it gets, the more effective it is.

    Importance of the hero health

    People dont realise just how important your heros health is. The health can drop by going against villages that have just walls and a residence, it can drop going against a small oaisis - anytime you encounter troops the health will drop. When your heros health is low, it may be better to keep him out of attacks.
    With the travian attack system, if there is a major attack against a village, the attack is calculated in 'waves'. You will NEVER see the waves, this is a hidden statistic done that controls and effects the final outcomes of the battle.

    Lets say an attacker with a hero with 20% attack bonus is in an army with 10k imps, 500rams. the 20% bonus is applied to the first intial attack, the rams drop the wall a few levels, and then the battle runs again, this time perhaps its dow to 8k imps and 400 rams... if the hero is still alive, you still have the 20% bonus. If the heros health is low, and dies in the first wave, then you had 20% bonus at the initial start, but 0 bonus at the end, meaning on average, perhaps you had only a 5% bonus overall.

    Both for the defender, and for the attacker, make sure your hero health is high enough to survive the battle. Attacking with a low health 20% offense bonus hero is not effective and wont work, and the cost to revive could be greater then any damage it did to the opponents.

    So what is a hero used for?
    - can give a massive offense or a defense bonus to your troops
    - can be made into a very strong 'stand alone' unit (which i dont recommend but others do it)
    - heros are required to capture an oaisis
    - heros are required to capture an artifact, and to relocate artifacts between your villages.

    If you have never conquered an oaisis before then i recommend you read this guide:

    If you have never captured an artifact before then i recommend you read this guide:
    [insert guide here]

    For more the official faqs on heros:

    (special thanks to roids, ive modified it a bit and copied most of your suggestion)
    (at eyewitness and aes, sorry that parts been removed now, this is an old guide ive dusted off)
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    One tiny thing, as the rest is good. the part about the experiance of you hero is slightly off.

    How is the experience of a hero calculated?
    - Each opposing dead soldier (experience/exp = upkeep of the dead soldier) in a battle where a hero took part is added as experience. See the table above for a clear listing how much experience/kills you need to gain another level.

    So if infantry is killed its 1 point per kill. But if cavalry then its 2,3,or4 per kill right up to 6 for catapaults.

    thanks for the guide.


    P.s. maybe add the table too, found in the travian FAQ
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    Quote Originally Posted by lone ranger View Post
    Now you can have more then one hero defending someone. You might have 50 heros in your base defending you, BUT only 3 will get the hero XP. Lets say that you have 50 heros in your village, and you get attacked and kill 3000 enemy troops, well thats 3000 hero XP divided by 3 heros, so thats 1000 each to 3 different heros - i dont know which heros get the XP, but i think the 3 most experienced heros get the hero XP, and the others would miss out. (dont quote me on that!)
    Seriously? Did not know this. I thought it just divided evenly between all 50.
    When you say divided between 3 heros, is it once from each race? Or just three at random? (or three with most xp, as you suggested?). If anyone knows i'd be interested to hear

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    I think loneranger is wrong on that point. More specifically, I think he has misunderstood what the Help Page says:

    Quote Originally Posted by
    How is the experience divided when there are several defending heroes?
    - It is divided evenly between the heroes.
    Example: If there are 3 heroes, each one would get 1/3 of the experience.
    In fact, the experience is evenly divided amongst ALL the heroes present (the Help Page just happened to use three as an example). I can confirm this from recent experience with multiple heroes defending a WW - whenever a big hammer hit, numerous heroes (especially the less experienced ones) would level up.
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    guide is actually out of date - i did a copy and paste from my private forums.

    Middle of au3 r1, we had 5 heros in a village, 3 gained 10levels, 2 didnt gain any levels at all.

    After that they made some changes, and around engame we had 100+ heros in the ww, and each hero earnt a tiny share of the xp available.

    Ill update the guide when i can.

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    Thanks aesc

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    good guide but as all new guides out needs a little more of a top up.

    all you need to add is more stuff like why the heroes are good and why they are bad i dont know if you writ it there because i might have missed it
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