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Thread: TT's VS Haeds

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    TT's VS Haeds

    TT's VS Haeds

    This Guide is for 3x (Speed) Servers Only



    As you should know, I have previously made a guide called Clubs VS Axes

    If you have Level 20 Stable
    You can build 644 Theutate Thunders in a day
    You can build 556 Haeduans in a day

    1 TT = 1090 Resources
    1 Haeduan = 1965 Resources

    TT Attack = 90
    Haed Attack = 140

    At the moment, TT's are cheaper, less attack and you can build more in a day
    and also for the Haeduans, they are higher attack, more resources to build and less building in a day

    TT Attack x How many TT's you can build a day = 57960
    Haed Attack x How many Haeds you can build a day = 77840

    So far, we have found it, if you build TTs 24/7 for 24 hours, you produce 19880 less attack points, but if you build Haeds non stop for 24 hours you produce 19880 more attack


    Theutates Thunder

    In Total TT's cost 350 Wood | 450 Clay | 230 Iron | 60 Wheat
    In Total Haed's cost 500 Wood | 620 Clay | 675 Iron | 170 Wheat

    You can build 556 Haeduans in a day

    To Build Theutates Thunder for a day non-stop it would cost
    225400 Wood | 289800 Clay | 148120 Iron | 38640 Wheat

    To Build Haeduans for a day non-stop it would cost

    278000 Wood | 344720 Clay | 375300 Iron | 94520 Wheat

    Carrying Capacity

    644 TT's x 75 = 48300 bounty
    556 Haeduans x 65 = 36140 Bounty

    TT's are the best raiders in the Gaul Tribe

    Travel Time

    Well I dont really need to explain travel time as you should all know TT's are faster than Haeds and TT's are the fastest units in the game

    I will compare stats:
    TT Speed: 38 fields p/h
    Haed Speed: 26 fields p/h

    Still More To Come!
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    what about crop per hour

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    Looking at the votes, you guys want me to edit this guide?

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    Gone Fishing
    hey i voted for the top one as i thought it was mostly ok as it was.

    Im suprised so few people voted on all the guides, i mean 3 votes is not enough votes to base judgement on.

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    I would have voted for the top one too.

    It might have been more useful if it had been fleshed out a bit - e.g. including style of play and type of player maybe. But purely for stats comparison, it's great. Is there more?
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    Always good to have this info already calculated, saves me the repeated math.

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