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Thread: Your guide to staying clean on the forum

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    Your guide to staying clean on the forum

    - Your guide to staying clean and out of trouble on the Official Travian Australia/New Zealand Forum -

    Step 1) Know the rules!
    The forum has a vast range of different users from different age groups, religions, countries and ethnic backgrounds. So some things that may not seem offensive to you, are in fact offensive to some others. In order to protect the user base from inappropriate posts, users, etc. we have a set of forum rules. The rules are easy to abide by, and easy to read. They're not masses upon masses of clauses and subtext, they're a short and to the point list of behavior/user expectations for all to follow.

    You can find a complete, up to date, and comprehensive list of the forum rules here.

    Make sure you read the rules, even if you think you are familiar with them (As the chances are, you're not 100%) before pursuing to the next step. To avoid confusion, if you have any doubts about the rules, or questions to ask then you can contact a member of the forum team who will help you out as efficiently as they can, I urge you to seek staff help if you are unsure, as this will eliminate any misunderstandings in the future.

    It is also a good idea to frequently visit the Announcements section. If there are any amendments to the game rules, or general information you should know, then it will be found here.

    Step 2) Don't follow the crowd!
    As boring as it may seem to watch users flaming without joining in, or not putting up that really cool signature you made that breaks the rules on user profiles, you have to. The rules are there to help everyone and make sure yours, and everyone else's stay on our forum is of the highest level of enjoyment as possible.

    If you see users participating in forum-illegal activity, then there are a number of different things you can do. If the user is a close Travian friend of yours, then I would urge you to send them a private message advising them to stop and delete their posts (Do not do this to users who are not close Travian friends, it breaks rule 2.b, more on this later). If the user is not a friend of yours, then you should notify a moderator in one of the ways discussed below.

    If the violation is in post format or a thread, then you can report the post by clicking the icon on the post you'd like to report. Once clicked, you will be given the opportunity to state the reason why you are reporting the post. Be aware that this may not be acted on, for more information see the clause of the forum rules regarding reporting posts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Rules
    2a ~ Post Reporting Function
    Users are provided with a reporting function. This function is to be used to report any post that breaks these rules to the Forum Moderators. Abuse of this function will result in Infractions being given to the user making the report. Reports made in good faith that are subsequently determined to not violate these rules will not receive an Infraction. Moderators are not required to agree with the reporter's assessment of the reported post.

    If the violation is not in post format (E.g if it's on a users profile, or in a social group) then you should contact Xirena via forum PM explaining the problem. You can do this by clicking here.

    When witnessing a rule violation, you need to be careful not to deputize. Here is the clause of the forum rules that prohibits deputizing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Rules
    2b ~ Deputies are not tolerated
    Only the moderators are responsible for the order of the forum. If you dislike something or see something which violates the rules, please report it using the Post Reporting function. "Deputies" who are doing nothing but showing the rules or making comments like "close please", are not tolerated.

    Only the thread starter may ask for closing, editing, deleting, or moving the thread.
    Being a deputy only applies to publicly threatening or requesting bans, deletion, or any other act of moderating. Using the Post Reporting function is the acceptable method of privately notifying Moderators that action may be needed.
    Step 3) What to do if you've broken a rule.
    If you've broken one of the forum rules, and you are aware of doing it, then the first thing to do is to try and reverse the violation. If the violation is a post, then you can delete it via the edit button. If it is on your profile, avatar or signature then you can remove them in your User Control Panel.

    If you can't do any of the above, then you should message a moderator or Xirena explaining that you have violated the rules, and that you're sorry for doing so. Provide links to violation(s). In the majority of cases, if you notify a moderator and explain yourself, you may get away with a warning at most for your honesty.
    Step 4) Infractions and warnings.
    Well, if you violate a forum rule then a moderator can take one of two actions. They can either give you an infraction, or a warning.

    There are many different infraction categories that can be given to you, each with their own number of points allotted and an expiration date for the points. Think of the points as points on a drivers license, you get 'x' amount, then your license is revoked. If you get a certain number of infraction points, you will be banned from the forum, but this isn't just one limit, there are many different stepping stones in between getting your first point, and getting permanently banned. For example, there is a number of points that will ban you for a day, a number that will ban you for a week, and for a month, etc., etc. Once an infraction expires, it's points are no longer valid towards getting you banned, however, they will still be on your record for moderators to view.

    A warning is usually given to first time offenders, or for minor violations. A warning is exactly the same as an infraction, and given/viewed using the same system. The only difference being that the points aren't valid and active on your record. They will still be on your profile for mods to see, and once you have had your first infraction/first warning, you are less likely to receive warnings for your actions, and more likely to receive the full infraction.

    You can view your current infraction record in your User Control Panel
    Step 5) Always read up on official documentation
    There is lots of documentation and information threads that provide you with the things you need to know. You can find most of them in the Announcements section. However, if they are individual forum specific, then they will be added to the specific forum as a sticky thread or announcement. For example, this thread is stickied in the general section, this means it is displayed at the top of the page, and will stay there, it is also separated from normal threads with a page break.

    Sticky threads and announcements will mostly contain important information you need to know, so be sure to read an individual forum's sticky topics before posting a thread/reply in that specific forum.
    Step 6) Have fun!
    There would be no point in us having a forum if there isn't any fun involved. Keep a smile on your face and have some fun!

    Kind regards,

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