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Thread: How do dodge and ninja attacks!

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    Re: How do dodge and ninja attacks!

    Things seem to be calculated FIFO, so if you have reins arriving at the same second as the first attack (presumably sent after the attack was) they should slot in after the first hit and be ready to wave break any they don't fit in the first second.

    As opposed to letting two seconds of attacks though, only one does. Again, can be seriously messed up by not having the hammer hit in the first second, but having several waves of reins helps to counter this anyway.
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    Re: How do dodge and ninja attacks!

    Just thought maybe you should clarify why you need to dodge or ninja. Ie. Dodge when there are not cats, ninja when they have lotsa cat waves.

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    Sorry to be a pain:

    "A lot of people can time fakes/real attacks at 5 attack per second. Making it really hard to time a ninja. Or a fake farming attack making you send our your troops, only to realize that the troops are 15mins behind the fake. Doesn't make a difference, but it can get annoying."

    Grammar error 'sent OUT your troops?" just being a bore
    Other than that, Nice guide!

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    sent out isn't correct either. Since that would be past tense, when this is future tense, it should be send out rather than send our it was just a typo however.

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    Question :D

    I'm new, so just wondering, how do you know when an attack is coming to your village? So that you can send you troops away and avoid having them wiped out or having buildings destroyed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marlbro View Post
    I'm new, so just wondering, how do you know when an attack is coming to your village? So that you can send you troops away and avoid having them wiped out or having buildings destroyed.
    You will see red flashing swords on the village overview screen(the screen that shows your fields, don't ask me why that is called 'village overview'). They will appear above your resource production screen.

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    Good Guide, just what about Counter-Attacks,

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