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Thread: Culture-Point Value-for-money

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    Re: Culture-Point Value-for-money

    Quote Originally Posted by VelvetThighs View Post
    But once it is level 10 it is only earning to 6 per day, whereas another building per day will earn more so the cranny has awful time efficiency.
    This is true.

    To get the right buildings in terms of culture points they need to give a lot of culture points quickly and they need to be useful and viable to keep i.e. You never keep a cranny.

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    Re: Culture-Point Value-for-money

    GM & VT - you guys are just trying to convince all the noobs that come on the forums that crannies are bad so they make better farms, aren't you?

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    Re: Culture-Point Value-for-money

    Kind of.

    I said that you never keep crannies, I for one avoid building the bloody things.

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    Re: Culture-Point Value-for-money

    Make a thread. Else, post on the correct board. this is not the .US, this is the .AU, look for a .AU on the .US will you?

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    Re: Culture-Point Value-for-money

    Crannies are just not going to work, because they produce so little. They are resource efficient, but not time efficient. If you have 10 level 10 crannies, your looking at 33 days for them to make enough CP for a second village. With a town hall level 1 holding small parties, your looking at 4.

    And with the culture points increasing for each village, that time scale is just going to get worse. You'll be lucky to get over 5 villages by then end of the server if you are relying on crannies for your CP.

    Although your table is quite nice for comparing other buildings. If you know what buildings you want, you can build them in the order of your table to get the cheapest done first . I'd never build a building I didn't want for anything else purely because it was cheap though.

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    Re: Culture-Point Value-for-money

    the 3 buildings i max for cp quickly are MB academy and embassy

    academy and embassy are a must to have and well embassy is just good for the cp

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    So I've been thinking about this one for a while,and I thought I could add something. Just an early game view on effictient culture points. So I crunched some numbers. Using Kirilloid, i found that its chaper to get an acadamy ranther than build another cranny.

    here's what i came up with.

    lv 10 cranny.
    ( 6CP) Total res= 5005

    Acadamy prerequisites.

    Main building.lv3
    (3CP) total res= 555

    rally point lv1
    (1CP) total res= 430

    Barracks lv3
    (2CP) total res= 2865

    acadamy lv1
    (5CP) total res= 510

    Acadamy prerequisites total res= 3860 (6CP)
    With the acadamy total res= 4360
    total CP= 11

    So I think thats pretty cool, If you are confidant, you will be online to spend res, you can forget about having too many crannys and go for an acadamy, you will need to build all this anyway, you get the CP cheaper, and maybe even faster( I didn't do build times).

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    if you dont build a cranny you have to build troops or you will loose the resources before you can finish building it sorry in advance because i probably missed something.

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    roids' post got me thinking (yes, I think pretty slowly!). Certainly, low-level buildings are more CP-efficient than high-level buildings; and that's pretty important early-game, when you're racing to generate the CP for your second village. It's perhaps even more important now in T4, where Artworks present an alternative to parties as a means of speeding up CP generation - since Artworks depend on your daily CP production.

    So I did some more number-crunching, and produced a spreadsheet of CP efficiency for every building level by level (except the new T4 Smithy, which I can't get data for). I'm not going to post the whole sheet (606 lines of it) here; but here is a snapshot of the first few lines, that should be enough to guide CP-efficient choices for the first week or two:

    A few comments:

    1. 'CP efficiency' means the same as it did in the original post - i.e. the amount of resource you have to spend per point increase in CP/day.

    2. Some building levels do not produce any increase in CP (for example, Main Building L3). In that case, that building level does not appear at all on the sheet; but the costs of that level have been factored in to the efficiency of the next (CP-producing) level.

    3. CP efficiency does not always increase level by level (partly as a result of point 2 above). For example, MB L8 is more CP-efficient than MB level 6 and 7. This slightly complicates decision-making.

    4. The figures for resource fields are those for clay and wood fields. Crop fields are very slightly more CP-efficient; iron mines very slightly less.

    5. Anyone who is as obsessive-compulsive about this is I am, is welcome to download the full spreadsheet here. Even if you're not particularly interested in the CP efficiency, it does contain the building costs and CP data for every building in Travian (except the smithy, as above) - so that might be useful.
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    holy crap thats alot of work just in the spreadsheet making. ive got half finished projects that are no where near that size. so really hats off for doing that level of work.

    next question is, (excluding all resource tiles), theres possibly an optimum path then to build a village as a cp earner.
    Without going too over the top, whats a basic rundown (or pointers) of what to build (and what level to build to) in the first few days to achieve maximum long term cp income with minimal cost.
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