Hi everyone,

I've had a few questions regarding vacation mode and its functions, so I've decided to put this up to hopefully answer your curiosity.

What is vacation mode?

With the newest update in Travian we are introducing a new feature for players who need to take a brake from the game for any reason and cannot find sitters for the time they will be offline. That feature was frequently asked for in our surveys.

Of course we also wanted to make sure that the new feature wonít be used to cheat and gain unfair advantage. Thatís why we created a set of special rules that only allow player to enter vacation mode when certain conditions are met.

How can I start vaction mode?

You can start a vacation mode only if:
  • you have no outgoing troops
  • you have no incoming troops to your villages or oasis
  • your troops are not reinforcing another player
  • you donít have reinforcements from other players
  • you donít own a WW village
  • you donít own an artifact
  • you are not in the beginners protection

Those rules means that itís not possible to hide in vacation mode for example when you are attacked or when you are attacking someone. You also canít protect Wonder of the World or an artifact for you alliance by using this mode.

So what will happen if you meet those conditions and decide to turn vacation mode on?

First, you have to choose how long it will be. You can use up to 21/speed days of vacation mode during a game round. For example on speed x2 you can use up to 11 days (21/2 = 10.5, rounded to 11). Be careful not to make a mistake here, because once the vacation mode starts, you cannot change its length, unless you use 10 Gold to go out of the mode immediately. If you decide to abort vacation with gold, you will get back all unused days (for example if you start vacation for 10 days and abort it right away, the first day would have already started, so you only get back 9 days). If you donít abort vacation early, it will finish after the number of days you specified at the start.

What can or can't be done during vacation mode?

During vacation mode:
  • your villages and oasis cannot be attacked
  • other players can see that you have vacation mode enabled
  • your villages may still be added to other playerís raid-lists, but they canít be raided
  • your troops may starve
  • you cannot:
    • send troops or receive troops from other players
    • send hero on adventures
    • order new builds
    • order new troops training
    • start celebrations in Town hall or Brewery
    • use Marketplace (with the exception of NPC trade that still works)
    • start new research in Academy
    • start new upgrades in Smithy
    • use auctions
    • join or create new alliance
    • start account deletion
    • set up new trade routes
    • you can:
      • abort vacation mode at any time with gold
      • exchange silver to gold

  • Daily Rewards points will still reset at the usual time
  • actions you ordered before vacation mode was started will continue as usual (including troop training, builds, Master Builder and already existing trade routes)

Hope that helps!
Your Travian Legends Team