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Thread: Frequently Asked Questions [READ BEFORE POSTING]

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    Frequently Asked Questions [READ BEFORE POSTING]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you request any addition to this page, please message the moderators of the Question Forum.

    When will the next server start?
    Server restarts are announced in the Announcements area as soon as we have information to convey. Please do not post asking "when will the next one start?". When we know, you'll know.


    How do I build a Rally Point?
    To get a Rally Point you need to build on the crescent building spot, in the centre of your village. To see a picture displaying the location of the Rally Point copy this link into your web browser:

    How do I create troops?
    To build troops: You will need barracks. To get these you need a Main Building of level 3 and a Rally Point of level 1. Troops can also be built in the stable, which requires a Blacksmith level 3 and an Academy level 5.
    The forementioned Academy can be used to research new troop types when you have fulfilled certain pre-requisits, for a list of those, see the manual on the left hand side menu of the game screen.

    How do I conquer an Oasis?
    You can conquer oases with a hero, when you attack the oasis repeatedly with a hero the conquered oasis is added to the village from where the hero attacked. Remember that an oasis has to be in the small map around the village (centre your village!) to be conquerable. Another way to say it is that it has to be in a radius of 3 squares around your village. You need a hero's mansion level 10 for 1 oasis, level 15 for a second oasis and level 20 to conquer third oasis.

    How do I build a Barracks?
    To get the barracks you need a Main Building of level 3 and a Rally Point of level 1. To get a Rally Point you need to build on the crescent building spot, in the centre of your village. To see a picture displaying the location of the Rally Point copy this link into your web browser:

    What is the difference of an Attack compared to a Raid?
    An attack will end when all of the troops on one side of the battle die. It brings back some resources, but not the full capacity. A raid is primarily to steal resources. If there are some troops in the village you are attacking then these may kill off some of your troops, not all, and leave you taking less resources home.

    How do I cancel my attack?
    You can only cancel an attack/raid/reinforcement within the first 90 seconds. To do this you will need to go the Rally Point and then click the red cross which appears next to the troop’s movement details.

    Why does my troop die even when there were no troops in the village?
    Each village and oasis has a basic defence that is strong enough to kill a single unit having less than 45 strength so you have to attack with at least 2 soldiers. This basic defence increases when you upgrade your residence/ palace and your wall and is able to kill attacking soldiers even if there aren't any soldiers defending the village. Either that, or they had such a big army, they killed all of your troops off, so if there are “no troops to return home with the report” then you will not see how many troops the enemy player has.

    How are defence and attack points decided?
    Defence and Offense points are calculated by how much crop worth of troops you kill. You get defence points from killing troops in defence and offense points by killing troops in an attack made by you.
    As an example, say you kill 5 phalanx of the enemy in an attack. Each phalanx eats 1 crop so that means you killed 5 crop worth of troops, so you gain 5 attack points.
    If you killed 5 druidriders, which eat 2 crop each, this means you killed 10 crop worth of troops, and thus gained 10 attack points.
    Defence points work the same way except in defence.

    What is a Trapper, how can I get one, and how can I get my troops out of there?
    The Trapper is the gaullic only building that builds cheap traps that capture enemy troops randomly.
    To release your troops from there, you can dissolve them, which basically means you leave them there and they never return. To do this, click on your Rally Point, and then click dissolve where it says you have trapped troops in that village.
    You can also free them, by sending a successful attack on the village where your troops are held.
    You could also asked for them to be released, in agreement to not attacking them or sending them a few resources, Stick to the rules on Pushing though!

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    Re: Frequently Asked Questions [READ BEFORE POSTING]

    Profile Settings and “Bugs”

    What is a Dual account and how is it different from a Multi account?
    A dual account is an account accessed by more than one player. It is a completely legal move and Is a popular way to play. A multi account however is one player on the server who has more than one account on that server. It is an illegal move and any users will be banned.
    Dual accounts are a lot better then multi-accounts anyway, as they encourage game play with friends, where they can work together to create one really good account. It works by everyone logging in under one password and username and everyone has the same utilities available on the account. That’s what makes it different from sitters, however, you must be able to trust your duals, as your account isn’t just yours anymore.

    How do I change the name of my village?
    To change the name of your village: Click Profile > Click the Profile tab, and then change the text in the field "Village Name." Remember to save!

    Can my brother play on the same server as me?
    Yes, the system will automatically enforce the rules regarding same computer usage and resource transfers.

    How do I put the #0 in my profile?
    To place the "Dove of Peace" ([#0]) in your profile: Click on Profile, in the left hand menu, Then click on the "Profile" Tab. Here type: [#0] in either Description 1 or Description 2. It doesn’t matter which.

    What is a Sitter and how do I set one?
    A sitter is someone who can take care of your account when you're not there. You must be able to trust the sitter because they have entry to your account. They login with their password and your username, so there is no need to give them your password. They can build, send raids (they can’t send them in attack mode) and use NPC market trading. To set a sitter: Click Profile > Click Account > Type the username of the sitter's account in the relevant box.

    How do I delete my account?
    To delete your account: Click on the profile option in the left menu, then click the account tab. Scroll down this page and at the bottom will be the option to delete the account. Enter your password there and in 72 hours your account will be gone. You can back out of the deletion by re-entering your password in this box within 24 hours. After the 24 hours are up, you will have to ask the Multihunter of the server to stop the deletion. But as the MHs receive many messages, they may not be able to complete your request at that time, and so you must be fully confident that you want to delete your account.

    Can I transfer Gold between servers?
    Gold can only be transferred when a server ends or you delete your account. The system will send an email to the email address belonging to the account automatically, so make sure it is yours! The email will contain information on how to recover your gold on the next server.

    I cannot see/ click --- what do I do?
    This is most likely something to be with your browser, please click on options/tools and click on the delete browsing history option. Selecting the delete cookies/cache option and then restarting the browser will get it working again.

    Where has the Task Master gone?
    If the Quest Master/ Task Master disappeared you probably already have finished the 22 quests. You can ask the Multihunter to verify that.

    Where have my troops gone?
    They may have all been killed, you can verify this by looking at your reports, or even checking the rally point to see if they are on their way home.

    Where have my merchants gone?
    If you have been selling something in the marketplace, they may have left without you knowing, checking the marketplace in the village where you merchants have "disappeared" from will tell you where they are.

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    Re: Frequently Asked Questions [READ BEFORE POSTING]

    Resources and Population

    How do I get more population?
    To increase population: If you upgrade or build a resource field or a building the number of crop consumption per hour will be added to your population.

    How Do I build a woodcutter?
    To construct a woodcutter: Click on the Village overview button (the furthest left) > Click on the "forest" > Click Upgrade to Level 1.

    How Do I join an alliance?
    To join an alliance: You need an embassy level 1 and an invitation which can be sent by the Alliance leader, or someone at the top of the alliance profile, next to the description. These people have all been allowed to send out invites by the leader.

    How do I found an alliance?
    To Found an alliance: You have to upgrade your embassy to level 3. 3 extra people can join this alliance with every level the embassy is upgraded.

    How do I make a new village?
    In order to found a new village you need 3 settlers, an empty spot on the map and enough culture points. You do not have to research settlers but can directly build a set of 3 settlers with a level 10, 15 and 20 Palace each. Whilst with a residence you can only train 6 settlers in total, 3 at level 10 and 3 at level 20. To build the palace you need a main building level 5 and an embassy, for the residence just a main building level 5. After training the 3 settlers you can choose an empty spot on the map and click "Found new village" (You need 750 units of each resource!) Then your settlers will leave their home village and found the new village for you.

    How do I make a cranny?
    To construct a Cranny : Click on the village centre icon, then click any one of the green circles in the middle....then select Cranny from the list

    How do I demolish a building?
    To Demolish a Building : you could A)Send Catapults at yourself or B) Upgrade to level 10 main Building, then when you click on the Main Building a drop down menu will be visible with the option to demolish the building you select. The Building will demolish level by level, which may take some time.

    How do I get to the Quest Master /Task Giver’s house?
    To get to the Quest Master’s House: Click on the Picture of a Man on the Right hand side of your page.

    How do I “speed up my building?”
    To "speed up the game:" You can use the "finish production now" option in the plus menu, bare in mind that this will use 2 gold every time you use it. You could instead join a speed server. Like Travian AU/NZ's Speed Server, found here:

    How do I get more resources?
    To get more resources, you can: Raid resources off of other people by using your troops. You can also Trade resources with other people. Or you can upgrade your resources fields to minimise the amount of time you have to wait for new resources to be produced

    What does it mean by "lack of crop - upgrade a wheatfield first" and "Enough resources at end of eternity?"
    The first will appear during your time with the Task Master, this will protect you from going into negative crop and will require you to upgrade a wheatfield first before you can continue.
    "Enough resources at end of eternity" means you have ran out of crop due to you being in negative crop production. This is also known as being "crop-locked" and will require you to buy crop from the Marketplace, use the NPC marketplace, raid it from someone, get someone to send you crop, or just getting rid of your troops.

    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on."
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