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Thread: Oases vs Natars

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    Re: Oases vs Natars

    i think both are essential for completing tasks of the day so both are important. but putting more resources in both will help in early stages. clearing oases in 1st stage is always a challenge too. but inactive player and banned player villages become natars village without taking long time would be fine( time for changing to natars should be reduced).

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    Re: Oases vs Natars

    Get some good friends and let them open oasis for you
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    Re: Oases vs Natars

    oasis are good source of income, if you could increase resource production of oasis, it would be even better
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    Re: Oases vs Natars

    I would prefer more Natar villas in the beginning since you can put them in a farm list and micro farm them constantly to keep troops from spawning like the oasis. Like PPs said, oasis may appear clear but by the time you get there they are full of troops again. Personally, I would rather deal with the occasional Natar farm spike (someone putting their hero there for the cheap kills).

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    Re: Oases vs Natars

    Quote Originally Posted by Q-Ball View Post
    I would rather deal with the occasional Natar farm spike (someone putting their hero there for the cheap kills).
    Natar Farm Spike What's that ?

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    Re: Oases vs Natars

    If you have Natars then you have regular villages that don't randomly produce troops (inactives), Oases serve a bigger purpose as they enable raiding during BP, impact wise Oases take the cake, however for raiding resources I think it has to be Natars as Oases pretty much become obsolete after BP ends (Natars are viable to raid even though just raiding all the inactives and skipping over the Natars is better).

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