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Thread: Best strategy atm?

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    Best strategy atm?

    Hey guys something that I was interested in was everyone's opinion on which tribe is the strongest and what is it's best start/general strategy.
    What I think is strongest right now besides playing Teutons and spending a ✄✄✄✄ ton of gold on items and cages is to go Roman, sim your fields to 4, set up your CP buildings (crannies embassy/academy 3), continue simming your fields then going for 2nd village starting around day 5/6 so you could launch your settlers on around day 8 and expect them to land on 9. From there on you get EI in first and start raiding your surrounding while upgrading fields in 2nd, and then basically sim city near your 2nd.

    Note: This strategy only worked for me when i went to around the 100s or 150s, also the EI in spawn is to get res to send to 15c.

    Just wanted to hear your guys' thoughts about the subject as i see many different strategies, some work and some don't.

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    Re: Best strategy atm?

    If you don't have super high login times it's probably not worth the effort to raid early on. It wouldn't really be that viable on a solo account. If you have a good dual and you both know how to raid properly then it works fine though.

    For the start of the server it's usual sim fields until 5 and then push residence to rush 2nd village. Where you settle your 2nd village really determines what is best to do. You are able to get your 2nd village before your BP ends

    If you managed to get a good cropper inland then you need to decide if you want to extend your BP or not. Note that most of the less experienced players usually choose to extend BP so u cant really farm them until its over. These days all i find that don't extend are the inactives and the fellow raiders who aim to farm those inactives. Unfortunately most of these raiders buy loads of cages and all have zoos so attacking them is usually out of the picture unless you can afford a load of ointment/buckets. You would probably also need to buy your own zoo or build a cranny or two to cover your base. In my opinion these risks/costs don't really outweigh the gains.

    If you chose to extend your beginners protection... sim until BP nearly over and then start trainig troops on the last day. I would probably advise first hammer to be cap hammer unless you can afford a zoo or have PDs. Once BP is over just raid raid raid. Don't forget to invest in 15c. From there it's just usual gameplay.

    If you settled your cropper outland/boonies then you're almost always going to want to extend your beginners protection and sim. Once BP is coming to and end you probably want to cranny up your spawn and prepare a bit of defense there. Then you have 2 choices. Sim sim sim or raid with spawn and sim with boonies 15c. Building hammer with spawn after moving out is very likely to get chiefed so don't invest too much in it and send lots of res away to cropper. I would stop at like 10k mace and just use it to supply main cluster. It's generally not worth raiding from boonies until after artis.

    Sim start is increadibly boring but it has very low risk and consistantly high returns if you have enough gold. Especially if you go outland/boonies. You can go a whole week or two without having to build troops. Push everything to your 15c and you will be overflowing with crop to spend on whatever you like. Once cropper hits all 15-16s start your hammer in noncap village and prep for artis. Also start siege now if you plan on being a WWK. If you are WWR then you can leave rams for a week or two more.

    These numbers are based on 3x server.

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