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Thread: #AskTravian – Get your chance to know about your favorite game!

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    #AskTravian – Get your chance to know about your favorite game!

    Greetings community,

    Welcome to the first iteration of #AskTravian. Do you have questions which you would like to ask directly to the Game Center? Then you came to the right place! Welcome to join direct dialogue between the Game Center and the community!

    How it works:
    From today till 14.04.2017 you can post one question in this thread.Travian Team will gather all the questions worldwide and check out the most asked and/or most interesting ones. We promise we will read all your questions but we can’t promise we’ll answer them all.After that our tireless and inquisitive caravan driver Mark Atilius will go into an adventure at Travian’s HQ, kidnap the Product Director, lock him in the Treasure Room and force him to answer! If everything goes well Mark Atilius should be back to you with a nice video proof of his adventure in just about 1 month!

    Please, keep in mind, that you can ask questions about game play, art, game design, game history,tribes, new features –everything! However, we don’t have option to answer base knowledge questions (How I can train more troops?)or discuss bans/complaints about staff. For those questions please contact Customer Service.

    We are looking forward to your questions!

    Your Travian Legends team

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    Re: #AskTravian – Get your chance to know about your favorite game!

    I am not sure any importance of this post ..Just related to game like some to just for memories... Well nvm.. I just want to throw my question. Whose idea was travian.. I mean first person to think about a rtg and basic concept of game..As well as the team who wanted three tribe.. four resources.. also who were those guys who came with idea of hero related items.. I mean must be from marketing I guess.. and there profession at that time they joined.
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