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Thread: Easter Egg Hunt!!

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    Easter Egg Hunt!!


    How it works
    • Starting April 1st and running through April 25th
    • One new egg will be hidden in the forum each day.
    • A clue will be given to help you find the egg.

    • Make sure to click on the post number so you can submit the correct link in the Easter egg hunt answers thread
    • Post your answers in the Easter Egg Hunt answers thread - Your answer will not be visible till the following day after the mod approves the posts.
    • Limit on wins per player to 5 but are encouraged to continue to participate and enjoy the game and work towards the custom user title award and Surprise Award
    Winner based on 1) Posted time 2) Correct link ****WINNERS WILL BE CHOSEN AT RANDOM FROM ALL ENTRIES RECEIVED FOR THE DAY****
    • Competition starts April 1st and will end on April 25th
    • Winners will be announced daily and Surprise award winner will be posted on April 28th

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Size:  1,009 Bytes per day for the winner
    • Custom User Title and Surprise Award

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    Re: Easter Egg Hunt!!


    Day 1 - lum1n4
    Day 2 - Zen
    Day 3 - Lemon Joe
    Day 4 - inno
    Day 5 - violca
    Day 6 - Raging Bull
    Day 7 - inno
    Day 8 - Q-Ball
    Day 9 - ECW
    Day 10 - bodoland
    Day 11 - orb
    Day 12 - bodoland
    Day 13 - Q-Ball
    Day 14 - vox
    Day 15 - inno
    Day 16 - lum1n4
    Day 17 - Q-Ball
    Day 18 - ECW
    Day 19 - Lemon Joe
    Day 20 - Q-Ball
    Day 21 - Zen (only one correct entry received)
    Day 22 - Q-Ball
    Day 23 - vox
    Day 24 - Lemon Joe
    Day 25 - ECW

    Q-Ball has hit the per player 5 wins limit Congratulations Q-Ball there still is surprise prize to win

    Surprise award Winner Mukul

    Forum Name IGN Game world Winning Entries(Number of times)
    lum1n4 NA NA 2
    Zen - voucher 2
    inno NA NA 3
    violca NA NA 1
    Raging Bull NA NA 1
    Q-Ball - voucher 5
    ECW - voucher 3
    bodoland bodoland - RoAx2 2
    orb orb 1
    vox vox 2
    Lemon Joe Sgt Toast 3
    MUKUL NA NA Surprise prize
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