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Thread: AU/NZ Community Experience

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    AU/NZ Community Experience

    The first quarter of 2017 has been exceptional for the domain. Player counts have not only increased ingame but the Forum is flourishing. This quarter the domain has presented 4 competitions and have several planned already for the coming months.
    One of the most received competitions was for Australia Day.
    One of the games was similar to the Snowball game held in January on most domains.
    Another of the games for Australia Day Quiz/and Hidden word
    By taking one letter from each word in the Quiz the Hidden word was revealed.

    We have also had a lot of participation and discussion for new ideas for the game:

    The participation ingames has also been flourishing with a rise in the, alliance formations and discussions on the forum and number of active players since the start of the year. We are very excited about the continued growth and heated battles discussion with the AU/NZ domain.

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    Re: AU/NZ Community Experience


    The Travian Australia & New Zealand Forum has been very active lately with several servers and the numerous Forum Competitions.

    The tension is high on our servers including AU1 and AUX, while AU5 recently started and the players are busy building their empires for the numerous Wars to come.

    The forum competitions on the other hand have seen a rather refreshing wave of activity from our Forum Members with many participating in the wide range of events that have been organized in the last few months.
    All winners were awarded with gold, which we are sure were very useful for them.

    If you missed out on the last competitions, hang tight and keep an eye on The Forum Competitions area because we will keep hosting Competitions for you where you can win gold and get the necessary boost you require in game. And believe us, it is pretty fun.

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