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Thread: ROA x2 features

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    ROA x2 features


    The three big changes to Travian: Rise of Alliances are:

    • The condition of an account on registration
    • The ability to donate resources to alliance bonuses
    • The way the pushing protection works
    • The way defense points are calculated
    • The removal of the alchemists cauldron

    Based on Travian: Scattered Empire

    Travian: Rise of Alliances is based on Travian: Scattered Empire, so artifact distribution, troop forwarding and troop merging are still part of the annual special.
    Hero on 2x Travian: Rise of Alliances

    While the Hero hadn’t items nor adventures in Travian: Rise of Alliances, we’ve decided to enable them again for the two times speed servers starting mid February. This means that auctions will also be available again.

    Boosted Start

    On registration the player has all resource fields on level 10 and six settlers. The player will not have a tutorial and will be able to start with quests right away. The quests have been changed to reflect that he can immediately settle two more villages. Also the inactivity deletion uses altered values, reflecting the population such a boosted village has.
    The settlers cannot be used to settle 9 croppers or 15 croppers. These can be settled once the player settles his fourth village. The player has enough CP to settle, and does not need to build a residence or palace in his starter village – they are only needed for training settlers, once they are in the village the residence or palace is not needed anymore.

    Alliance Bonuses

    Players also have the ability to contribute resources to the alliance. After certain amounts of donations the player gains advantages of alliance bonus like bigger CP production, faster troop production, weapon and armor bonus and a bonus to merchant capacity.
    The amount of resources a player can donate is limited and resets on a daily basis. The player can spend gold to triple the size of his donation while paying the same amount of resources. The daily limit the player has cannot be increased through paying gold.

    Pushing Protection

    As with the boosted start way more resources are in the game, we needed to overhaul the pushing protection. The overhauled version works on a per village basis, and limits the amount of resources which can be stolen or transferred by 20 % per village.

    Defense Point Calculation

    The defending points for the Top 10 defender are usually granted to the village owner of the defender, even if most of the defending units are from different players. This is changed so that the defending points are split among all defenders based on supply of the defending units.

    Alchemist Cauldron

    Compared to Travian: Scattered Empire we’ve removed the alchemists cauldron.

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