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Thread: Australia Day Quiz/Hidden Phrase

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    Australia Day Quiz/Hidden Phrase

    Australia Day Quiz/Hidden Phrase

    How it works:
    • Puzzle will be placed in the forum on the 23rd of January 2017
    • Puzzle contains 13 question.
    • One letter from each of the words is a clue to the Hidden Word
    • ONE entry is allowed and must be sent to Competition Manager by midnight on the 25th of January 2017

    Prized will be awarded based on 1) time of entry - 2) most correct answers - 3) Hidden Phrase.
    Grand Prize will be awarded to the participant that submits the first entry with all correct answers and the Correct Hidden Phrase.

    Grand Prize - 125 gold
    1st place - 100 gold
    2nd place - 50 gold
    3rd place - 25 gold

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    Re: Australia Day Quiz/Hidden Phrase

    What is the hidden phrase?

    1. Capital of South Australia
    2. Second longest river in Western Australia
    3. Body of water separating Tasmania from mainland Australia
    4. Capital of this state is Melbourne
    5. Body of water bordered by Timor, Arafura Sea, Australia and Indian Ocean
    6. Capital city of Queensland
    7. Region in northern Western Australia including sights such as Windjana Gorge and Bungle Bungles
    8. This desert crosses the Western Australian/South Australia border
    9. Largest state in Australia
    10. Sydney is the capital city of this state
    11. Australia's largest mountain range
    12. 1959 marked the start of construction for this major landmark in Sydney
    13. Located north of Sydney, this area is a major wine region in Australia
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