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Thread: So the server finishes....

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    Re: So the server finishes....

    Au1.. Man how do you have patience for slow server

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    Re: So the server finishes....

    Quote Originally Posted by Manny View Post
    1-warlord account had 3 duals, one quit on the third week, two other duals were signing 2-3 times a day to train troops and check for attacks and had no PD and there weren't much deff at the hammer village but tk are scared to hit because they hit manny on the last aux3 and lost 5 hammers on me , this round i didn't have much deff and hammer village could be destroyed easily
    2-scorpion account has 1 player only, scorpion has been playing for 2 years and never had a dual, also i was his only sitter, he had 1PD only
    having a bigger wwks than those of your team doesn't mean we have 10 duals each, also there is nothing wrong about having duals or pds
    this is just a game, don't be salty about it

    Master of Disaster......Manny

    i didn't see any of your precious wwks hit any players either, well except for their own leader for deff points
    You getting hit or not doesn't have any relevance to last round since there was pretty much none of the team from that round playing this round.

    It just seems pretty pointless to try and hit an obvious target like one of DDs main WWKs. Especially when we already know our wonder isn't going to get to 100. As much as we'd have liked to complete a WW, we only really kept it building to make sure WWks hit there and not on players villages.

    Idk who's talking about having 10 duals each. You can very easily produce a full capacity WWK on a solo account with a good night sitter. Having 1 consistent and competent dual would be more than enough. I wouldn't run an account with more than 3 people. It would be more efficient to just split any additional players and make another account.

    As for our "precious WWKs"
    2 deleted without a single word
    1 left ally and ended up hitting nap turks
    1 got taken over by dutch duels and splat on confed (we sent def to that confed to kill it)
    1 big and 1 small got killed.
    1 we reported for botting
    a few other normal hammers died as well here and there.

    I'm surprised we forced a natar win.

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    Re: So the server finishes....

    Master of disaster Manny...uhuh. I will say you improved significantly this round because you actually managed to send your whole wwk in one wave.

    Maybe you actually needed a good dual...

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    Re: So the server finishes....

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaansha View Post

    1 UT holder never makes 1 hammer
    2 Ben hur had most cc troops in 1 hammer. Deal with it... That's what is important. Holding UT whole round doesn't prove anything until you can use it properly. I have seen people make monsters with a fool arti.. Stop complaints and accept... Server is done peace until next
    Im not complaining my frnd. Just stating the facts that they told they made a bigger wwk/r without UT. we simply meant we did not try for the biggest wwk/r ,instead we wanted something good done for the "TEAM"

    Ummm. ever heard of that word?

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