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Thread: fields - Upgrade 25% faster ?

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    fields - Upgrade 25% faster ?

    Hello. When im upgrading any of my fields, i see an option for "upgrade 25% faster". This currently has a reduced time, and the numbers 0/9

    im guessing i have 9 goes at this & Ive used 0 of them. but cant find anything in the FAQ regarding this.

    can you advise what we have 9 of ? does it reset after a time ? If we do use this option, does it affect any other aspect of the game ?

    Thank you.

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    Re: fields - Upgrade 25% faster ?

    You have to watch an Advertisement for 30 seconds to initiate the upgrade.After the end of the Advertisement the page will reload and your upgrade with reduced time should start.This bonus is completely free of cost and does not affect any other feature in Gaming.

    You get the option to use this bonus 9 times every 24 hours.Usually the reset time is 0000hrs server time.

    Every day you will get only 9 opportunities to use this feature.
    After the first use it will show (1/9)
    Second use -- (2/9)
    And so on till you use up all the 9 opportunities.

    After that you'll have to wait for the clock to reset at 00:00.

    Hope this clears your doubts.

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    Re: fields - Upgrade 25% faster ?

    thank you...

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