Pgup's RoA Early Game Guide :

Greetings warriors,

I would like to do a quick introduction of myself before I start writing this teuton Guide. I've played travian since 2008, even though I have joined the forum just 2-3 weeks ago. I've played on many servers, won a few, lost a few, experience has been gathered troughout the years.

As you probably already know, Rise of Alliances version (I'll be calling it RoA for the rest of this guide, just so it's shorter) is completely different from the normal WW servers. I've never played Scattered Empires before, but I've heard it's been an awesome version as well. So from what I've heard, it's similiar to the RoA.
In RoA the goal is to conquer regions within your alliance by holding the biggest population in the area. By conquering them you secure your alliance VP-victory points and also artifacts. Most of you may know this already, so I'll just skip it, because this guide is focused on the playing style, giving you tipps and tricks.

Quick note: Comunication and organisation within your alliance members are an obligatory, so consider this if you may want to create your own alliance, wheter you can deal with the presure and what's most important-planning.

In RoA you start with 6 settlers and CP for 3 villages. Eversince there are 6 settlers in your spawn, there's no point in actually building residence, due to the fact that there are 2 slots occupied, os it will do you no good. Most of the players don't realize it in first place (including me), for they are used to building residence in spawn.
There are 2 new features in RoA version - forward and merge. Forwarding works only when you're in the same alliance with the person that wants to forward you def, or whom you wish to forward def. That's useful, because the defense does not have to actually travel back home to the spawn village and then be send to the player you want to send def or in fact all kind of troops.[/COLOR]
Merging on the other hand is incorporating troops into your villages by using gold or resourses. 1 gold=79 troops, the type matters, because chiefs, settlers, rams and catapults can not be merged!
Offensive teuton Guide
You start with level 10 fields so you might want to use that "boosted start" to your advantage as much as you can. You would like to settle in the region your alliance is going for, for example: africa, france, salona.
1) Instabuilding warehouse and granary should be your first priority. A gold invested in 25% bonus is a good investment.
2) raiding oases doesn't help at all in this version, so there's almost no point in doing it. I calculated it a few days back, unfortunately lost the calculations. It may help you a bit, like 10k resourses advantage over the others, but since you can't get cages your hero will be constantly dying and you will be loosing troops on almost every raid. You can't revive the hero with a bucket for free, for there are neither adventures nor auctions house.[/COLOR]
3) In case you go offensive, try to do as much troops as you can. This includes instabuilding baracks to lvl 10 and start doing troops 24/7. Once the BP drops, inactive farms will be producing as much as you, so trying to steal the resourse before others do is a nice think to do even if you're a defender.
4) once the BP ends, start raiding as actively as you can. I can't deny it's time consuming. I did raid every 10 minutes with 7 clubs, due to the big competition I've had in my region.
5) don't stop producing troops 24/7. From this point it's almost the same as a normal server, however you just get more resourses from farms.
6) at some point, once you can afford to, lvl up the barracks to lvl 20
7) start doing TKs
8) start developing your other villages once the BP ends.
9) doing constant parties won't hurt. At day 20, if you're doing good you should have around 7 villages. Possible with having great parties running constant.
Free tip: doing 100 points from daily bonus is possible with 3 villages only. Just lvl up the townhall in 01 to lvl 2 at least and have resourses ready to queue the next one immediately.
10) if you raid as much as I did, you probably can afford to do troops from all your villages, raid with them as well. At a later stage you can merge them in your hammer village with gold or resourses.
11) Start picking up enemies!

Enjoy your time conquering new regions and unlocking new artifacts!