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Thread: Travian AU/NZ/INDIA

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    Re: Travian AU/NZ/INDIA

    Quote Originally Posted by Death Master View Post
    Looks like the mods are more excited due to the merger than the majority of .in players....
    Isn't it true?

    We just hope that this merger is smooth and all .IN players can join us here on AU.
    The merger means double the players, and everyone on both these domains has been asking for that since a while now. Now we can have bigger servers, and therefore a lot more fun for every user.

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    Re: Travian AU/NZ/INDIA

    thank you all for welcoming the indian players...
    we all so much confused about merging so will se you all...

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    Re: Travian AU/NZ/INDIA

    hmm that is great news, for au domain. hopefully they will be receiving allot more good players. indian domain use to be a large domain. I can imagine the sadness of the travian lovers from indian domain. when we lost our pk domain that almost ended travain from pakistan. Still missing our local domain.
    But let see how this one progress, a bit excited to see new slow domain. Welcome all. ... aux.

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    Re: Travian AU/NZ/INDIA

    only issue in this merger is .. we didnt knew ... suddenly thy announced ... and they started a slow server in au domain 1 week before the announcment .. so most players were in confusion

    many went us,uk,com servers and few w8ing fr tourney

    hopefully .au will have another slow server once current Diwali server ends .. then we might see if domain improved or not

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