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    New CM on Board

    Dear Players,

    I took little time to introduce my self. I am dario Community Manager for Indian domain. I was actively playing may be 4 years back, so i am not so sure anybody remember me as a player. I usually play under name dario.

    The travian games undergone structural changes recently and as a part of it I will assume role of Community manager and Customer service Manager for AU/NZ domain. As already mentioned above I am currently working as CM for IN domain, prior to that I was working as MH and HMH in Indian domain.

    My role as Community Manager as well as Customer service Manager is to help player in ingame as well as maintain healthy community. I got good team with me to help smooth running of the servers as well the forum. I am hoping to ensure a good gaming experience to all player.

    Feel free to contact me with suggestion/feedback, questions or problems. All can reach me via PM in forum or sending IGM from ingame or through email:


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