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    This server is such a snoozefest you can't even suicide your troops. Is 14 hours warning not enough time for you guys to organise your defense?

    Given what you consider "chiefing with ease" I was hoping to see what you call "defending with ease" (btw congrats on finally accepting that 200 pop natar villages are more in line with your skill level)

    But the real shock came when I logged in to see if my suicide attack had actually done any damage and there was a message from an SK player offering me membership. Now I may not have explicitly used the phrase "incompetent morons" but it should be clear to anybody that this is my opinion of the SK leadership. If PWN didn't already have enough spies I would have been tempted by the offer.

    I do kind of wish I didn't have more important things to do so I could stick around and watch certain players get taught a lesson or two. Best of luck PWN - it's a shame we didn't all meet back when Travian was fun and not just a pay to win clone of Clash of Clans

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    Re: Seriously

    You're such a noob that you couldn't even suicide properly.


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