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Thread: Playing without Gold

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    Playing without Gold

    Playing Without Buying Gold
    My Two Bits Worth
    This Guide is primarily aimed at T4.4 speed players who, for whatever reason, don’t buy Gold.
    You might be a complete “Newbie”, or an experienced player looking for more of a challenge. You might just want to minimise your expenses. It doesn’t really matter.
    Whatever your circumstances, I hope this guide can bring an extra dimension of enjoyment to the game for you. After all, if it isn’t fun, why do it?
    In This Guide
    -Time -Strategy -Tribes -The Start
    -Auctions -Buildings -Villages -Gold
    -Palace Shuffle -Raids -Hero -Oasis
    A Bit About Me
    I’ve been playing Travian on and off for over 15 years now, and the majority of that time has been Gold free. I’ve bought Gold as well, so I understand the attraction. I stopped using it before it became an addiction
    Not every server I’ve played has been a success, indeed there have been some dismal failures in the mix as well. But that’s all part of the experience. I hope to share my experience with you here so you can maximise yours in game.
    A Bit About Travian
    Travian is not a war game. A real time strategy based resource management game would be a more correct description. Yes there are troops, but they are just one of a number of ”game resources” you need to manage. There are also your natural resources, buildings, Real Human resources, those nature AND Natar resources, and arguably the most important resource of all…Time, both game time, and YOURS.
    That’s a lot of resources that need managing, but there is still one more we need to manage, and that’s SILVER. We aren’t Buying gold for this round, but we will still be using it, and to get it we need Silver. 200 per 1 gold to be precise.

    These next few points are more for the new players to consider, to help you make a few well informed decisions Before actually starting to play. But if you’ve ever played a server and regretted your choice (I know I have ) then have a quick look through as well.
    Try to think about each of the separate “game resources” as investment opportunities. As with any investment, we want to maximise our returns with the minimum risk.
    Here I’m referring to the amount of time you are prepared to “invest” per day in the game. It will have a huge impact on the strategy you choose, and to a lesser degree, which tribe choose.
    Don’t set out thinking you are going to conquer all and raid the entire quad, if you can only play for a few hours per day. And by the same token, if you can play for, let’s say, six or more hrs per day, Its going to get pretty boring “just simming Def troops and waiting for someone to attack you” isn’t it?
    Be honest with yourself and work out how long you think you can be online, it doesn’t have to be all in one sitting. If you can play for a total of 3hrs, you’d be better off by far if you spent about 1/2hr on in the morning, a few quick builds and spend down the res, than another session in the afternoon, followed by a final one later in the evening, again spending down on res. It doesn’t need to be an exact number, a rough guide is all we’re after here.
    The other decision you’ll need to make regarding time is when to actually start playing, I’m speaking here in reference to the server start time. If this is your 1st server, I’d recommend avoiding the whole of the 1st 2 days at least. The “pro” players will want to get started in the 1st few minutes or hours of start. For some of them, the 1st few seconds isn’t soon enough. See how crazy Gold can make some people J
    For our purposes, any time in the 1st few weeks will be ok, but it’s nearly always better to start the earlier you can. It gives you more playable game time, and that’s always a handy thing to have.
    To play a truly successful Off account, you’re going to need to be able to keep the account active 24/7, or near enough to it. There is no way you can manage this alone, so that means running a “dual” account. This is where there are multiple people all working together one the one account. It’s perfectly legal within the game rules, as opposed to Multi accounting, which is where 1 person registers more than one account and plays them all. Don’t ever try to do this, it’s illegal and you WILL get banned. I’ve only mentioned this here because there is often some confusion between the two with newer players.
    So, that leaves us with Def. Boring simming of troops and sitting around waiting right?
    It surprises me that so many people think this is the case, and also how wrong they are. All you need is a small force of attack troops (preferably in your capital), and the whole dynamic of the account has been changed. I’ll go into more detail about the size and use of these troops later.
    One other type of account is the PD. Personal Deffers are a sort of specialist def account, usually found in the larger alliances and attached to one of the larger raiders on the server. It’s not uncommon to find multiple PD accounts attached to one large player.
    The age old question of which tribe is “better”
    I’m not going to go into too much detail here, if you have a preference for another tribe, by all means, give it a go. From experience I have found that Romans work “best “ for us here. Let’s have a quick look at the three and see why.
    Romans – Have the ability to upgrade a res field, and a building at the same time, 100 pts per hero level, and strongest troops.
    Gauls – Have a trapper, and the Fastest troops in the game. You’ll also see a massive advantage through your merchants when you are deciding where to settle V2, plus the crannys
    Teutons – Have the cheapest troops (and they are the fastest to train). 3000 res per merchant, this is your real advantage for this guide. +20% cranny dip.
    The only real consideration here for us then, is the simming factor, for the other two tribes, you need to have Plus to do this, and to do it for an extended length of time, that means spending gold. We don’t buy gold, so every minute we can save on build times is in our favour – there’s some time management at work, and we haven’t even started
    You’ll still get to take advantage of the other tribes attributes following the guide, but the actual gain over the whole account probably won’t be as noticeable.
    Ok, so a roman def account it is, let’s go start that server…..If this is your first time, you need to find a server that’s starting soon, and I’d also suggest finding a “practice” server for a short time, that way you can get used to the game mechanics and so forth.
    Who knows, you might even get raided, and get to practice your “spend and send skills” a bit, where it doesn’t matter too much if you get it wrong. This guide will help get your early villages set up to your best advantage, the actual game play and res management is still dependant on your skill.
    One last thing for you to consider before you begin is whether or not you intend to TRY to keep your spawn.
    This might seem a little strange to some of you, but the reality is that a vast number of people will lose their spawn to a cheifing or cata attack. It’s much better to go into the game prepared for this, rather than to have the decision made for you. And the major point here is that if you already know you will lose that village, you can save the res otherwise spent on it for somewhere else.
    Ok, let’s go.
    The Start
    -Do the tutorial. It only takes a few minutes. When you build your warehouse, put it on the default demolition slot, it’s the 1st building slot under the top bridge on the left hand side. This gives you a “last resort” if you are being attacked, simply pull it down a few levels.
    -Start working through the tasks, the 1st one I do is the Iron mine, but DON’T collect the reward yet. It’s going to take time to get those other res fields up a bit. Use that 25% bonus when you have higher res production. I generally wait until after they are all to 1 at least.
    -Travian will kindly give us 30 Gold in total. Do not spend it. We are saving up to buy “Gold Club” and that’s going to cost 50 Gold (100 on a normal server)
    -Keep working through the tasks, (you don’t have to do the Grain mill, you can save it for another village if you want). Your priority should be, all fields to 1, cranny, granary and then Main building. We have Plus, so que 2 fields and 1 building. Don’t build any level 2 fields yet, you will run out of res and have to wait.
    -Crannies are important. You’ll want to have at least 5 of them at lvl 10 by the time your BP runs out. That’s 10k worth of res protection. There should be no risk of becoming a farm, and it also minimises the time you will NEED to spend online, in the early stages at least. Most importantly, you’ll have a peaceful night’s sleep J
    -Remember to check your warehouse capacity before you collect any task rewards, you don’t want it to overflow. If you need to, push it up another level. (but don’t go past lvl8 yet)
    -Now you’ll need to increase your res fields (income) to match your builds(expenses). This part is flexible, but I try and keep my Clay, and Wood production even, my Crop production at about ½ of that, and my Iron somewhere roughly in the middle of the two. This is the total production of the village, not the field level.
    -Got some spare time? Check the auctions (the little “hammer” under your Hero). You can’t bid until you’ve done 10 adventures, but you can still see them. Get an idea of what sells well on your server (they are all different), and also what sells cheap. Remember, this is our “Gold” income, so study it well. You’ll need to become a master trader here. Check back whenever you have some free time.
    -You’ve done a few builds, and res fields are growing now, so check your “Daily Quests”. It will tell you what you’ve already done, and what you need to do for the next level. For the 1st week or so, we’ll only be concerned with the 1st two levels (that 2nd one is our favourite one).
    -The Market place. This is going to become one of our most important buildings, you’ll want it to be at level 4 soon, but remember, don’t leave yourself short on res for your other upgrades. You should upgrade you Barracks around this time too but don’t go past level 3 just yet.
    -Make a trade, offer some spare res, don’t buy anything unless you really need it. Try offering 300 wood for 600 iron. It probably won’t get taken, but we’ve completed the task. And you can cancel the offer at any time.
    -Main Building lvl5. You will eventually have to get your main building to about level 12, and you’ll want it there before you level your Residence/Palace up to far. So have it fairly high on your building priority. It takes a long time to complete the levels, but it will reduce the build times of all your other buildings. The actual amount can be found in “Travian Answers”. It has NO effect on the build time of your resource fields, They are set, and can’t be changed.
    -When you get to the “Attack Oasis” task, send your Hero to attack one, but then cancel the attack. Attacks a counted from the moment they are sent, not when they land. This will be important when we actually start attacking oasis.
    -When you get to the “train troops” task, don’t do it. You should already have 3 base troops from your 1st 10 adventures, these count . This is where we start to deviate from the norm, at the moment, troops are our lowest priority. We want a return on our investments, it’s going to take a long time for those troops to pay for themselves at this stage (everyone is trying to raid oasis). We’ll invest in the Market Place instead.
    -That being said, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be raiding either, just don’t try and kill animals, or clear them with cages, let someone else do that. Those cages usually sell like hot cakes at auction, so save every one you get. Check your surrounding reports often, and look for close oasis being attacked, then check them to see if there are still animals there. If not, send your troops to grab some resources. Be careful though, the oasis will “respawn” We want to supplement our trades with some raids, rather than the other way around, which is how most people seem to do it. And remember Dead troops=wasted resources.
    -Build your Academy, and your Smithy, but don’t take your Smithy past lvl 1 yet.
    -Research a unit…..No thanks, Not yet, we’ll do it later to get it out of the way.
    -From here, just keep working through the tasks and building up your’ village. We’ll change our focus to the Market place now, so prioritize your building upgrades for that for a few levels.
    -If you’ve started in the 1st few weeks, there will be loads of other people around the same stage as you. Have a look at your map, scroll around a bit, not just your 7x7, and work out what tribes are most common. They are our “Targets” at the market place. Each tribe will use more of a particular resource than the others. Generally, Gauls=Clay, Romans=Iron, Teuts=Wood. Try and match your offers at market to the most common tribe in your area. You can trade anywhere on the map, but the closer the better. It’s worthwhile limiting your “Maximum travel time” at this stage. Just tick the box on your offers page. The default is 2hrs, but you can change it to any whole hour. Trade for something you need, which will probably be iron anyway (the market place uses a lot) and Always make an offer in your favour. Try starting at 2:1, and vary it if the trades aren’t taken.
    -Now we see another advantage of being Roman, we use lots of iron for troops and the market place upgrades, and generally speaking, you’ll have your 2:1 offers snapped up in no time.
    (As a side note, if you are a gold buyer, you might want to try the “x2” method now. Offer every resource at 2:1 for crop and NPC. You’ll need a large granary, about double the size of your WH, and it can be fairly gold heavy, so increase your granary to limit the amount of NPC’s needed. NPC everything to other than crop and go again.)
    -Continue trading and upgrading like this, don’t forget to get those crannies up. Once you have 1 at level 10, you can start multiple crannies, so get another 4 started, and have them all to 10 by the end of BP.
    -When you get to the “Seat of Government” task, just build the Residence for now. There is a time when you might want to build your Palace instead and we’ll “practice” this a bit later on, but you’ll need some experience before you try it with your spawn.
    -Around this time you should start thinking about where you want to settle your 2nd village. This will depend on how close to the action you want to be, and whether you are in an alliance or not (if you are, they might want you to move to a certain area). Start looking further out on the map. I always find an area under 1 or 3 hours travel (for my merchants) from my village. I talk in Merchant travel time here, because we want to be able to send res to our 2nd village once it’s settled. This is where Gauls have the advantage. You’ll have three times the area to choose from for the same amount of travel time. Don’t worry about what to settle yet, we’re after an area with a lot of oasis around, the further out you go, the more important this becomes. Have a look around, and find a few different areas you think might be good, and make a note of it somewhere, there’s nothing worse than seeing a great spot, and then not being able to find it again. I usually just send Myself an IGM, and put in the co-ordinates of a tile in the middle of the area. You can keep updating it as you find more areas. While you’re looking at the map, don’t forget about your village, your builders might have finished, or your merchants might be home. Keep them all busy as often as you can.
    -Once you’ve done 10 adventures, you can participate in the auctions. For now, to satisfy the Auction task, just make an offer on something cheap. Go to the 2nd or 3rd page if you’re having trouble finding something. All you need to do is to get a bid on, you don’t need to win the item.
    -From here, keep upgrading those res fields, making sure your total production doesn’t exceed your warehouse capacity (you don’t want to be a farm), and your main building. Do some others as well, you’ll work out your own system, just remember, we aren’t training troops, yet. We’ll come back to villages when it’s time to settle V2. Now we’ll look at auctions.
    Auctions-As I said before, this is where we earn our gold, so we need to master the auctions. You not only have to know what sells well, you also have to work out when things sell well. Every server is different, and different times of the day will be, so how do you work this out? The 1st thing you want to know is when the best selling times are, so place a few small bids on some popular items, go ahead about an hour and do the same. You will need to keep a record of the sale time of each item. Keep doing this until you have no silver left, don’t worry, you’ll get it back as soon as someone outbids you. Don’t worry about that either, we aren’t trying to win the item yet, we just want to know what they sell for. Once the item has sold, you can go to the ‘bids’ tab on the Auction page, and it will show you what you have bid on, bids won will show in green, and losing bids will show in red. This can also be seen in your’ silver accounting tab, so use whichever you prefer. Notice they don’t tell you what time the sale was? Lucky you recorded it before. When you’ve got some silver back, repeat the process over and over until you’ve covered 24hrs. This might take a few days, but it’s a valuable investment of your’ time, this is a crucial part of your game. You can also do this to work out when the “low” periods are, the best time to buy things. Now that you have an idea of when to sell, get a few bids in place for different items in those time periods. While you’re at it, work out when you need to sell, to land your item in the “hot spot”. Every Auction will take approximately 8hrs from when you offer it, and you won’t be able to see the sale time of your item either. (This is to stop “silver transfers” Huge bids on friends’ items, and them converting it to gold). So take 8hrs from the “hot spot” time, and offer some cages, I’d be surprised if people aren’t paying at least 1000 per 10. You can only offer these “stackables” in lots of 5,10,30 or 50. 10 is a good number to start selling at, and 5 will probably be your best value for buying. I have seen 10 ointments sell for 200+ and not an hour later bought 30 for less than 100. Be patient when you are buying, and don’t get sucked into a bidding war. Every Gold will cost 200 silver, don’t waste it.
    A few items that generally sell well on most servers are –Artworks, the light breast plate, small shields and cages. If you get lucky on adventure, it’s worth selling any of these. Books, Buckets and ointments will usually sell well too, but I prefer to save these if I can. If you see some going cheap, snap them up and resell in the busy time. A bucket is worth 100 health points for our Hero, and an ointment is worth 1. So find out what buckets are selling for, and divide that by 100 to get your value for ointments. Only buy them at around this value, you can go a little bit past it if you need to, but try not to if it can be helped. We need to maximize our profits here remember.
    Once you’ve had a few test bids on most items, buy them when they are cheap, and resell in one of your hot spots. You need to make 20 000 profit before we can get that Gold Club, so you’ll be spending a fair amount of time at Auction at this stage. You don’t need to be staring at the screen non stop, but check them every 15min or so, this way you can still be building, trading and raiding while you earn that silver. Your time management skills will make a huge difference to your overall success.
    Don’t bother buying tablets of law and trying to make a profit, they always seem to start cheap, and stay cheap. If you get some on adventure, that’s ok, hang onto them, they’ll come in handy if someone tries to chief a village from you, and you can also buy some to satisfy the Win an Auction part of your daily quests. The best option to satisfy this though, is to buy one of those items worth 100 silver. Maybe a small pennant, or later in the game, an old suit of armour or something. Once you win it, resell and you’ll get your silver back. Repeat it daily. You’re getting that Quest done for free.
    The one exception I would make here on items to buy is the helmet of experience. It really IS worth spending some of your silver to get one, and if you are lucky enough to find one, hang on to it.
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    Playing without Gold-part B

    I’m not going to cover all the buildings here. You can find that info in the game. These are just the buildings important to us, and a bit about why.
    Crannies-I can’t stress enough, the importance of crannies, in every village you settle. Not only do they protect res from raids, they also ad CP, and give “random” cata attacks something to hit. If you’ve established a supply village, and it has free build slots, fill them with crannies. A REAL example here happened to me while playing a National Championship a few years ago.
    I’d missed the start, but I started anyway, and got straight on with the job of building up my village. I was in a rush to get going, so I even bought some Gold. I spent a good amount of that on instant builds, to make up for lost time and get to my 2nd village quick. Things were going great, I got my 2nd village settled out near an alliance friend and got all my res fields to 10 at my spawn. It was around this time that I realised I’d spawned near THE top raider on the server. Never mind instant build, it was instant panic. I’d already invested Gold in that village so I didn’t really want to lose it. I got my marketplace to 20 and built my Trade Office so that I could move as much res away as fast as I could, nearly every other building came down and I replaced them with crannies, all to level 10. I fully expected to lose that village at some point, I was just getting as much res out as I could, while I had the chance. By the time that server finished, I still had that village, and it never got raided, not even once. I’m sure people scouted it, but it wasn’t even worth chiefing, thanks to the crannies.
    Market Place-This is just as important to us for this guide as the Barracks is for everyone. Every village will need to have one, that way, if we can’t spend down res fast enough in the event of an attack, we can just ship it to another village. Remember, resources in transit can’t be raided. And our main focus, Trade routes. Once we have Gold club, trade routes give us a lot more control of our resources.
    Trade Office-This increases the amount of res each merchant can carry. Initially it’s only 1500 for us, so we need to increase that. Here is where Teuts will have the advantage, you can leave this building out if you like. We need to get to lvl8 just to catch up.
    Academy and Embassy-I’ve put these two together here because our reason for having them is the same. CP production. These two buildings, and the Market place, are three of the best CP producers you can build. I generally have them at least lvl 15 in every village. You don’t need to get them there straight away, but always plan to have them up there fairly soon. Artworks cost gold.
    Spawn-Just a quick bit about your’ spawn, remember to consider it as a stepping stone to V2, that’s the real area we want to be in, a single village is really just a potential farm. So how do you set up and use your’ spawn effectively? Treat it like a supply village. Remember to control the res p
    village doesn’t have to be your Capital, you can wait until your 5th or later if you like. We aren’t in the race for one of those 15c’s either, so we can rule them out. That doesn’t mean we don’t want one, we just don’t want it as our 2nd. That leaves us with either a 9c or a 6c, we’ll forget about the 7c’s for now, but they can be handy later on. A 9c will give you a lot of crop you’ll need to deal with, and we can’t afford to NPC all of it, so I’d leave them alone as well for now and settle a 6c. A 4,4,4,6 will be a bit easier to manage the res production than a 3,4,5,6, but the choice is yours, it won’t make a huge difference either way. Just make sure there is a 25% iron/25%crop oasis, AND a 25% clay/25%crop oasis in the 7x7 area around it. Try and find these oasis with double bonuses for all future villages as well. Once you’ve decided which type you want, go back to your map and check your areas for one again. Pick the area that has the most croppers near it and aim to settle your 2nd village there. We still want to settle a few croppers remember, just not as our 2nd village.
    Other Villages-There are other types of villages you can set up, I’ve already mentioned the cropper, so let’s have a quick look at that 1st. Everyone has raced out to get their cropper, and they’ll be going for the 150% and 125% ones 1st. They need to NPC for res all the time. Our method is a bit different. Look for a 75% or 100% cropper to start with, you’ll find the res a lot easier to manage. Take one for your 3rd, 4th or 5th village, it doesn’t really matter, what you Will need is to send res there to develop it, and a village producing Def troops 24/7 or close. As you build up your crop fields, simply send enough troops there to keep the crop production under control. You won’t need to NPC crop.
    Supply villages-Exactly as the name suggests, these supply your other villages. Send the res from these to your main troop production villages, or to your Cap for your “Attack force”. If you were running a “Cap Hammer” account, you could also set up a cropper to do this. Our account is going to be a mini version of the Cap Hammer, so you might want to try it out for real on a later server.
    Troop villages-All our villages will have barracks and troops, but this one will be slightly different in that it will also have the Great Barracks. To run it effectively, you’ll need a large, and I do mean large, supply of res coming in. The GB shouldn’t get built until your’ barracks is producing 24/7 at level 20 in 4 or more villages. Troops will cost 3x as much, so it’s much more cost and time efficient to build 3 barracks rather than 1 GB. You will probably need at least 4 villages to supply the res needed to run the GB, so it’s not an early game option, but it is a worthwhile investment from mid game onwards.
    RoF Villages-Rain of Fire, the catapults. You should consider building one of these. Not so much to attack other players further away, but more to remove anyone who tries to settle in our area. The one thing to remember about these villages is that the troops are expendable. That’s not to say that we want them to die, but if you do lose a few, it’s not such a big deal. It’s better to lose a few troops and remove an enemy, than not risk them, and still have the threat in the area. 160 cata’s would be a good amount to aim for, and then as many “support troops” as you can train. These are the attack troops sent along with each cata “wave”, for us, legionnaires. There’s no need for us to worry about a clearer wave here as well, that will be sent from the Cap, But generally you would have them all in the same village. This is also a good village to send “fakes” from if you ever need to. They should consist of 1 cata, and 19 legs.
    I can hear the howls now, “but someone could snipe your attack”. The point here is to zero any village close to you before it gets established, so there shouldn’t be anyone close enough to snipe in the 1st place.
    The Capital-This is the last village we will discuss. If you are going to have an attack force, which we will, it needs to be trained here. Most Off accounts are run like this as well, the reason is simply Auto Dodge, it can only be used in your capital. Once we get that gold club, we can enable Auto dodge from the rally point, so until we get it enabled, we won’t be training troops in our cap. I mentioned a “mini Hammer” before. That will consist of Imp, EC’s and rams. That’s going to eat a fair amount of crop, so we don’t want it chewed up by other troops as well. These guys are going to do the “clearing” work for our RoF villages, and maybe hit a few guys later on to get them to attack us. If that happens, we should be able to watch their troops splat against our Def. Also remember that to maximize your’ use of the Cap, you’ll need to have Gold to “insta build” res fields once they get past about lvl12.
    Gold-There’s not much to say here except spend it wisely. So what to spend it on? Instant Build is the best value, but only ever when you have Plus. You should Never be buying Plus. You’ll get it on average, once a week through the quests. When you get it, (once you have Gold Club), que your builds, troop upgrades, and researches. Make sure you have the maximum and then hit the “complete construction immediately” button. You will need loads of resources to be able to do everything, especially when your’ troop upgrades get up a few levels. But the time savings will be worth the gold. Another point about Gold is that if you convert 200 silver to gold, that counts as earning it in your quests as well, so when you get to that magic 20 000 silver, you might want to convert portions of it over a few days, or maybe a week, to satisfy that quest. Maybe you’d prefer to convert some silver to gold each day, it’s up to you. Gold club is our initial goal, I can’t say how long it will take. That’s going to depend on your’ activity, and your’ luck with adventures, but around 3weeks would be a good guess. Don’t worry, you should have a good base to work from by that time.
    Palace Shuffle-This is where you use your Palace to get two villages settled from one, then move your palace to a new village and repeat. So to do it you need to get the Palace to lvl 15 every time, and a load of CP available as well. This is the reason you might want to build your Palace in your spawn. If you build your Palace twice more, moving it to what you want to be as your Cap the 2nd time, you’ll have two villages to expand with from then on, AND be able to train 3 chiefs in your cap, we’ll do a 1 step shuffle so you can get the idea.
    Raids-The golden rule about raids (and attacks) is “DON’T PANICK”. You have time, use it. If your’ warehouse is below your’ cranny level, there’s nothing to worry about. That’s why we only build to level 8 and have 5 crannies. 7800/10000 Even with their 20% cranny dip, Teuts can’t touch our res. The exception here is if their Hero has a bag. Just check their player profile page and have a look. If he has, spend down res some more, if not, don’t worry.
    You can also use raids to your’ advantage, but you’ll need to have your hero points set to either FS or FS and Def. If a player is repeatedly attacking you, take notice of what he’s sending. If it’s only a small amount of troops, and there is NO hero, change your’ hero’s status from Hide during attack, to Stay with troops. Congratulations, you’ve just turned a raid to your advantage. Don’t do it for every raid from that person, vary it, keep Them guessing. Maybe 2 in a row then skip 3, then 1, then none for a day, mix it up.
    Hero-He is the best troop you have, but what’s the best way to use him? For this Guide, he is a hero farmer for a good deal of the early game. For each level your Hero goes up, set 3 points to res, and 1 to Fighting strength. It’s enough to keep him alive while doing adventures, and also boosts your res production for his village a great deal. You’ll want to have a few books handy though, I generally try to have at least 3 at all times. This gives me the ability to Change all points to FS for levelling him, a book to change them back to how they were, and one spare for emergencies, maybe an incoming attack where I intend to defend rather than dodge. (for any other tribes, you’ll need to set 2 points to FS on your first level, after that it’s (hero lvl +1)x100 for the total FS needed)
    Oasis-These are a valuable resource. They need to be managed well. Not only do they give you res, you will also use them to level up your hero, and at the same time, increase your attack ranking in the statistics. Firstly the res. A lot of people think that an oasis holds 4000 total res, This is true to start with, but I’ve often collected between 6 - 8000 res from an oasis I’d emptied the day before. This generally happens after I’ve Killed it off a few times, so maybe its related to the attacks, I’m not really sure. I do know that can go on past 4000 total res, so farm them properly with your troops.
    Clearing-To clear an oasis, you are going to need ointments, not cages (and a bucket if possible). Ointments give health points back to your Hero, Cages give away Exp points he could have had, to someone else. Once my Hero gets up a few levels, I’ll actively seek out those little zoos people have built up, and wipe them out for Hero exp. Thanks for buying my cages and helping my hero . With ointments, you should be able to clear an iron oasis from as low as a level 4 hero. I don’t usually start until he is at around 6 though. The time taken to get there is spent farming him, and collecting books and ointments. While he is at your spawn, you can always follow those raiders who have “nearly” cleared an oasis. They’ve done the bulk of the work, and taken all the risk, you can clear out the rest for some easy exp. You’ll want to grab as much res as you can from them as soon as it’s been cleared. A good thing to do is to send your troops in, then time your hero to land there a second Before they do. It reduces the risk of respawns killing your troops, and also gets you some practice at the timed attacks you will need to do later in the game. Remember I said earlier that attacks are counted from the time they are sent? This is why that’s important. Respawns will start when that oasis has been “attacked” ie from the time you sent that 1st attack. That’s why you’ll hear people say “there were no animals there when I sent my troops, but they all died”. You might get away with it if you attack an iron oasis, but not if it’s wood. The animals there are a lot stronger. A few things can trigger a respawn as well, sometimes even just “looking” at it is enough. You can also “force” a respawn, by attacking an empty oasis repeatedly, Usually it’s 5 or 6, but it can vary. I’ve had them respawn after only 3 attacks.
    Every type of Oasis will hold a different group of animals, and there will sometimes be some of those “randoms” as well. Generally speaking, iron will have-rats, spiders and bats. Clay will have-rats spiders and boars. Wood will have-boars, wolves and bears. And crop will have-rats, snakes, bears/crocks and tigers. This will vary depending on how many villages are around it, and if it’s been cleared before. If there are more villages, the number and type of animal will increase. If an oasis has been cleared, the number of animals can increase, and after a certain number of attacks it can throw in some of those “randoms” as well. That’s where those Elephants come from. It won’t always be Elephant as the random, it might be bears at an iron oasis, or crocodiles at a wood. The randoms are the stronger animals not usually found at that sort of oasis.
    Don’t build a zoo, you’re just paying for someone else’s hero/attack points. If you buy gold, by all means go ahead (and pm me so I know who to attack please )
    I generally start Attacking oasis for Hero exp from my second village, it’s is a major factor in deciding where V2 is, so give it some serious thought. Remember to have troops in the village to pick up the res once you’ve cleared the oasis too, using a timed attack. You might get 1000 res and lose 1 troop, thinking that it’s worthwhile, but if you’re active, you could be hitting 50+ oasis per day, making a total loss of 50+ troops per day. No matter what your’ return is, you’ve lost the time taken to train those 50 troops. Timed Attacks save you time.
    Settling-Ok, I’ll assume you have your settlers and are ready to settle your 2nd village. You should be aiming for a 3,4,5,6 or a 4,4,4,6 in your’ desired area. Before you send them on their way, have a look at when they will arrive and make sure you will be online at that time. You’ll want to get a cranny started asap after they land. That should be your 1st build, take it to level 3. Next you want a warehouse and granary, level 1 is fine for now. While they are building, go back to your spawn, and send some res to V2. 1 merchant every 15 or 20 minutes works well. Little bits more often is the key. Your next build should be either your’ rally point or Main building. The rally point gives you the ability to send your’ hero there, with his farming bonus. That’s a huge boost for a new village. Take your’ cranny up a few more levels, main building to 3, cranny again, main building 4, warehouse 3 and granary 2, and so on. The level you take them to, and the order you do it, don’t really matter so much, What matters is that these are the only buildings you upgrade inside your’ village, you still want to level up those res fields as well. You can also put a level 1 Market place in there to make life a bit easier if you want, but it’s not required. Keep building in this fashion until you have 5xlvl10 cranny, lvl7 WH and granary, main building lvl12. I build every new village in this way. It eliminates the risk of someone raiding you. After this is done, we’re going to start training troops here, so get your buildings in place for that. You’ll only want to research Preats for a while, but still take the Academy up to around 15, remember the CP. Once you get your res fields up a bit (to a point where they are sustaining your growth) you can also go back to your spawn and build the town hall. At level 3, you can hold 2 small celebrations in a 24hr period. You only need 2 town halls to get those 3 celebration quests each day. The sooner you can send your hero to V2, the better off you’ll be. Once the WH capacity is high enough that you can leave him there overnight without overflowing, go to the rally point, send troops, select your hero, CHANGE his home village to V2 and send. Now you’ll have the resource bonus at V2. It won’t actually change until he arrives, but he’s on the way. I hope by now you’ve had some luck at auctions, and collected some ointments and a book or two, but if not, don’t worry, your’ priority should still be Gold club, so work toward that 1st. Let’s assume you have been lucky, now you need to make a decision about the best time to start levelling up your hero. It’s pro’s and con’s on both side here. We sent him out there to use that res bonus, but we settled there in the 1st place to level our hero. If you still only have 1 book, just leave him on res. When you decide to change his stats, refer back to the oasis section and follow that. Only train Legs here at the moment, and just enough to collect the res from those oasis, and remember to control that res production. You’ll want to build another residence here, the Palace will be in V3. By the time you are ready to settle V3, res fields in spawn should all be to 10, crop around 7, and in V2 res should be around 7.
    What you choose to settle for V3 is again up to you, personally, I’d take another 6c, maybe the alternate to whichever you took as V2. Remember, we are building a Palace here, they are heavy on iron. I’d try and find a suitable spot about 15 or 20 minutes away, and about the same distance as V2 from your spawn. The easiest way is open your map, and view it at 50%. Get V2 on one edge, and look for a spot for V3 on the other, it will be close enough for us. Follow the steps for settling V2, and build the same way. Once you build your’ palace, be careful not to make it your capital, we’re going to pull it down again after we’ve settled 2 villages from it. If you have enough res I’d also build a town hall, either V2 or V3, it won’t make a huge difference. Once Palace is at lvl10 you can choose to settle another village now, or wait for a bit, You might want to take a cropper, and just let it idle for a week or two, it’s up to you. When you complete Palace to 15, repeat the settling steps, get that next village settled and decide which of all these villages you want as your Cap, that’s the one you will leave your palace in. Before you can build it again, you need to destroy it at V3. It might seem like a waste to pull it down, but in actual fact, it’s an investment with which you can maximize your returns.
    By following this guide, you should now have 5 villages consisting of your Cap, a troops village(V2), a supply village (spawn) and 2 others that we’ll call supply villages. On top of that, you have 2 villages to expand with. Plus the option of 3 chiefs or 3 more villages, or any combination of the two, from your Cap.
    You also have to option to change to Off if you want. As I said at the start, this will give you a solid base to work from.
    Thankyou for taking the time to read this, I hope you can take something from it, whether to increase your enjoyment of the game, or cut expenses
    Get building, and good luck.
    Last edited by threexjranch; 13th December 2016 at 02:58 AM.

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