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Thread: Day 37 - Time for an update

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    Week 5 (day 37) Analysis

    Greetings everyone!

    It's day 37.. not a very special day but it's saturday and I have some free time so I figured I'd post some stats

    First off, I'm taking 4 teams into this analysis:
    1. Inferno
    2. Ch@os-meta (includes their confed DGH and their wing Ch@os2)
    3. Phantom-meta (includes their confed Les 100 and the ally they're currently merging with PINOY, former IM)
    4. GNA

    In total that means 8 alliances are included, all others don't count as far as I'm concerned.

    Inferno has 58 players and the highest average, GNA 44 players and #2 average (even if the wings/confeds of Ch@os and Phantom were to be excluded). However when those alliances are included they have a clear advantage in total points. Notably Phantom has a lot going for them when looking at off points. Off points are often a good indicator of a strong alliance wheras def points usually means they're just being attacked a lot.

    In the average population stats the two meta's are understandably lower because of the smaller alliances that are included for them. However on average off points Phantom makes up for that big time whereas Ch@os stays a bit behind.

    This is a pie-chart of the top 100 and how many players each team has in it. Related to the higher average pop, GNA and Inferno are well represented despite having fewer members. But the other teams have a good amount in top 100 as well. A well balanced server if you look at this chart alone!

    Here it gets more interesting, a very large amount of players from the Phantom/Les 100 team (38/100). It seems that this comes mainly at the cost of more influence in these stats from Ch@os and GNA. Also the top 100 off has a few lone-wolfs as well.

    If we compare the top 100 heroes to the top 100 off we see that Ch@os has taken back some area here. Phantom is still high above the rest though.

    I've taken a look at the GetterTools stats and find this to be interesting. The amount of deletes and leavers often indicates how coherent a team is. The more teamplay the fewer deletes and leavers... but that's just an indication. For Phantom and Ch@os I have of course excluded anyone who left to join another alliance within the meta. Notably GNA and Phantom have a lot of deletes. On Australian servers one must always be wary for the most dangerous enemy: Real Life. Cause it can break up your entire team!

    Last but not least something about croppers. I've only looked at the capitals. If someone has a 15c second village that he aims to change into a capital then tough luck: it's not taken into this analysis cause it would mean too many guesses and assumptions.

    Phantom and Ch@os have the clear majority of players.. they should really be winning in this one. But Inferno seems to be doing best so far.
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    Re: Day 37 - Time for an update

    Different take on the good old alliance analysis. Love your work John.

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    Re: Day 37 - Time for an update

    Thanks John

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    Re: Day 37 - Time for an update

    nice work bro!

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    Re: Day 37 - Time for an update

    Hmm phantum seems to be dominating in stats. But why I have a feeling ch@os and gna r the real deals. Let see how things progress. it would be nice if people from other alliances also come here and have a chit chat. ... aux.

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