Being able to shorten construction times in Travian! That most likely is a wish right at the top of the list of every player. With our new Feature we may have just the right thing for you. This feature will allow you to watch advertisement videos in-game and in return you will be able to start a building upgrade with a reduced construction time.

How does it work?
In the past there was only one button: "Upgrade this building". In the future there will be another button: "Upgrade this building faster".
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If you click on the “upgrade 25% faster” button, a pop up window will appear and you can start an advertisement video.

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As soon as you have started and watched the video, the building will appear in the construction loop with a reduced construction time.

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Each player can use this feature up to 9 times a day. Every Video shortens the construction time once by 25% for one building. Once a building is in the construction loop, the time can no longer be shortened, apart from the standard Gold account button "Finish immediately".

Currently the feature is only available for the construction of buildings or their upgrades. The feature does not apply for troop training and so on.
You can view small ads from different providers.
In order to use this feature, you do however have to make sure you disable your ad blocker, as otherwise it will not work. Once you have clicked on the video and selected the feature, the video cannot be skipped.
In case you come across an inappropriate video, please report it to your Support Team.

This feature will be made live on our servers sometime shortly

Kind regards,
your Travian: Legends Team