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Thread: Changelog 'Caveman'

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    Changelog 'Caveman'

    Map: add to farmlist : button now visible even if the village is already on a farmlist
    Reports: Attacks of natars are containing unnecessary information
    Map: village popup : the distance to the current active village was added
    The resource drop amount of adventures was increased

    player settings: an option to choose between the old and the new farmlist behavior was added
    disabled – farm lists are auto-expanded in rally point.
    enabled – farm lists are collapsed in rally point, the way they were for last month.

    Reports: Alliance: If you attack yourself with no losses, alliance no longer sees the complete report
    Hero: Inventory: Artwork no longer accepts "0" as an input
    Vacation mode: Fixed end time
    Player deletion: Forwarded troops are now properly returned
    Alliance: Reports: Corrected Member raids showing as normal attacks
    Building: Academy: Corrected issue causing orange text even if you meet expectations of researching troops
    Crop Balance: Consumption of own troops: PopUp now shows correct consumption when diet control artefact is activated
    Settings: Sitter: Fixed Blank popup when clicking on entered player for same computer usage
    Rallypoint: Fixed tooltip for link "send back"
    Hero: Auctions:
    Error for "only 5 auctions at a time" only shows one message now
    Hero: Exchange office: Fixed Missing "Enter" function in gold and silver converting
    UI: Alliance box: Player name: Link is now bold
    Firefox: Payment Shop: Fixed broken CSS
    UI: Layout: Hero: Adventures: Bubble in user interface shows correct number of adventures
    Player Profile: Sitter: There is now a warning when trying to set someone as a sitter when they already sit 2 accounts
    Marketplace: Trade routes: No longer able to create "empty" trade route
    Village: Deletion: Troops in transit to deleted village/oases now return to their home at their usual travel speed
    Auctions: timer in "Bid" tab no longer stops
    Registration: Fixed rare bug where account creation can collide with a settling event
    Village statistics: Tab culture points: villages in the grey area no longer show culture production
    Attacking natarian troops will now go back to the natarian capital village if they survived the attack
    Updated and corrected issues with parts of the Contact Support page
    Account: New deletion now works
    Town Hall: Celebration now correctly affects chief loyalty damage calculation
    Questions? Feel free to pm me to chat.

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    Re: Changelog 'Caveman'


    • Color Blind Mode
      With 10 % of male population affected, color blindness is an interesting topic, especially in a strategy game where alerting colors matter. With that in mind we’ve invested into creating a color blind mode for Travian: Legends.
      What changed?

      Basically all the red warnings are now blue. Of course there are a few exceptions, e.g. the alliance online timer already has had a blue state. In that case we introduced new icons, which not only differ by color, but also by shape:
      What did not change?

      We did not change any game play behavior, so troops are not stronger, build times not shorter. The only thing we changed where cosmetic, using a more stable color to create constrast.
      Why these changes?

      In Travian: Legends many alerts are important. Identifying these easily is very important for a successful and pleasant Travian play through. As a majority of our players are male the chance to have a high amount of color blind people is given. With that we’ve learned that there are some pain points for them. In order to reduce annoyances within our game, we’ve created the color blind mode.

      This feature can be activated from Account settings.

    • The IRC chat option within the game was removed


    • Combat simulator: blank simulator when clicking directly in raid report -> fixed
    • Quest: World 02 also triggers when you change the language -> fixed
    • Building: Trapper: Units can be trapped without an existing trapper -> no code changes were made
    • Reports: Reports marked as archived are not copied correctly -> fixed
    • Embassy: refreshing the page after joining an alliance: error message was shown -> fixed
    • UI: Village Overview: You cannot enlarge view when you are in farm list popup -> fixed
    • Rally Point: Catapults: Sending more attacks at the same time cause a display error -> fixed
    • Hero: Very long returning time in some cases -> fixed
    • Alliance: Profile: Layout: Layout breaks for long alliance names -> fixed
    • IGM: Welcome message: Links are not opened in extra tab -> fixed
    • the amount of characters for alliance profiles was limited so that its not more possible to break the layout
    • Town Hall: Celebration does not affect chief loyalty damage calculation -> fixed
    • Questmaster stays open after changing URL -> fixed
    • Messages: Reportlinks in Messages misses parameter -> fixed
    • Hero: Inventory: Items moved by Drag&Drop cause graphic bugs -> fixed
    • Goldclub: No visible notice when activating goldclub in some cases -> fixed
    • Village: Crop Balance: Wrong calculation displayed -> workaround implemented
    • climbers of the week : wrong information displayed -> fixed
    • Registration: LTR language displayed as RTL when choosing tribe -> fixed
    • Quests: Economy: Translation variable: Reward text missing -> fixed
    • Login: Error message is unreadable -> fixed
    • Options: Vacation: Window missing travian answers button -> fixed
    • Report: Wonder of World: Missing information when having village conquered or lowered loyalty -> fixed
    • Infobox: read/unread envelope turns to "read" when reloading -> fixed
    • Reports: No attacking troops are displayed -> fixed
    • Reports: Attacking with catapults aiming on the same target twice gives a twisted report -> fixed
    • Daily Quest: Reward popup has incorrect layout at 100 points -> fixed
    Questions? Feel free to pm me to chat.

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