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Thread: congrats the winners

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    congrats the winners

    Well done LMKS.

    With a little help from HELL you fought down BeMeT/VOC guys.
    This world might have reached another end by other leaders from these two alliances but the stronger alliance won this game and everyone must see what real friendship and leadership means in this game.

    BeM had been an alliance builded only for the benefit of one guy. This guy changed his mind each week, sorry each day or hour. At the end, after many others deleted their accounts or gave their accounts away to chief because they didnīt want to play in that alliance anymore he gave up his account himself.

    He had been a great leader in former worlds but this time he thought everything is fine and didnīt react when friends asked him for help because new members thought they could insist others they belong to this alliance years ago.

    Trav is a game you have to spend a lot of time and you canīt be a leader with only a few minutes each day left for your members.

    He gave his account away to another leader and this guy made the same faults. At the end 2 of 4 leaders didnīt exist in that alliance anymore.

    I donīt call this professional. all members to be part of this alliance and they thought everything is fine and our leaders know what to do now will find out that they spend their last months for nothing. Bad plans, no real leadingship, etc...

    All the best to LMKS, well done guys and ladies

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    Re: congrats the winners

    Congratulations also from my side to the winners!
    HELL and LMKS have created the round very interesting. Thanks!

    Furthermore, my thanks go to .... ?
    .... the biggest losers of the round, Wolfgang (forum name Halvar - ingame nick Vrapin). Representing many of BEM I would like to thank him that he has made as a complainer, false friend and Killjoy for entertainment in boring phases.

    The many refutable allegations for his part, were used simply and solely for the purpose of destroying a team or even hurting friends personally.

    After several of us have been banned from due to his lies by MH, we were actually glad when he wanted to say goodbye.
    How do you say? Even worse it gets never ...

    I wish him all the best for the future and hope he finds a doctor who can help him with his problem. In this sense, ... good luck! Life is too short to deal at all with this person.

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    Re: congrats the winners

    Do you really believe in everything you said?

    MH banned you because i didnīt tell the truth?
    OK that means you accuse MH in this game not to know what they do and they believe a lier?

    you and a few others played against the rules and my knowledge is that i gave informations to MH about you (Canberra) and Father Smurf. Two players not more. If you say several accounts it sounds like more than 3 or 4. Donīt know who accused all the others?
    Perhaps you will learn something. It never helps to cheat in a game. To play against the rules and getting banned means you played against the rules and you are a cheater.
    Wish you all the best.

    refutable allegations?
    I have sent JP Coen skype chats where you wrote to me (us) where you said to use VOC as canon fooder and you dislike them. Where did i lie? There is a reason why you didnīt finished this round. I canīt manipulate Skype chats and therefore JP Coen knows the truth.

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    Re: congrats the winners


    Thanks for the congratullition. LMKS go away from the AU server's for 1 year,I hope after them we can come back and play a new server with good players full motivition.

    And people please think for the group and not for yourself.



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