Hello everyone! In an attempt to revive this forum a bit, I will make an analysis of the server. I will try to be as objective as possible sticking mostly to stats, but I will also give my thoughts on every alliance.

I will rank the alliances based on their raiding stats. Please note that only the raiding stats of the main wing will be considered when placing them into positions. I will ignore the attack and defense points since most of the attack points at this point are gained by killing animals and the defense points are still very low. I will also analyze the %of players that have 2nd villages and the number of top30 players every alliance has.

1. Maori


Location: Mainly NE and SE with some members in the NW and SW as well.
Total pop: 13287 Average pop: 266
Total number of accounts: 50
Number of accounts with 2 villages:23 (46.9%)
Number of accounts in the top30: 5

Thoughts: These guys definitely have all the stats in their favor, but they seem to be obsessed with stats and the very high number of accounts proves that. Their members are spread around the whole server so it is impossible for them to work as a real team. They have lost some of their top raiders recently, some due to deletion and some have deflected which shows weak leadership. I would be surprised if they make it together for a long time.



Location: NW
Total pop: 9530 Avg. pop: 244
Total number of accounts: 39
Number of accounts with 2 villages: 9 (23%)
Number of accounts in the top30: 5

Thoughts: These guys are interesting. They are all located in the NW quad with no exceptions. Their raiding stats are decent. The % of players with 2 villages is quite low and their avg. pop isn't impressive either. They have decent chances of sticking together in the long term future.

3. xop
Wing(s): Wu


Location: SW and SE
Total pop: 17183 Avg. pop:281
Total number of accounts:61
Number of accounts with 2 villages: 20 (32.7%)
Number of accounts in the top30: 9

Thoughts: It's clear that they have some very good players, but their raiding stats aren't that impressive. The avg. pop is high, but the number of accounts with 2 villages is nothing special. The fact that they are spread in 2 quads might become a problem in the future, but it might also allow them to dominate 2 quads and recruit the best players from the other alliances.

4. Europe


Location: Everywhere
Total pop: 4716 Avg. pop: 236
Total number of accounts:20
Number of accounts with 2 villages: 3 (15%)
Number of accounts in the top30:2

Thoughts: Small, scattered, low quality... The only good thing about them are their raiding numbers. I give them one or two weeks max.

5. EC
Wings: TNS, Cobra


Location: Mostly NE with some overflow in the SW and NW
Total pop: 25325 Avg. pop: 228
Total number of accounts: 111
Number of accounts with 2 villages: 12 (10.8%)
Number of accounts in the top30: 5

Thoughts: These guys are the major blob of the server. TNS has a confed with Maori too. They have picked quantity over quality and they have confeds with most part of the server. I doubt any decent players will stay with them for a long time. It seems to be a matter of time before they implode.

6. TBD


Location: NE
Total pop: 1416 Avg. pop: 354
Total number of accounts: 4
Number of accounts with 2 villages: 3 (75%)
Number of accounts in the top30: 2

Thoughts: They only have 4 members, but they have impressive stats for their size. Right now, they seem just like a small group that wants to have some fun, but if Maori or the TNS/EC/Cobra blob disbands they might be able to seize the opportunity and grow.

Final thoughts: The server is still unstable. I think xop/Wu are the front-runners right now followed by WWTM ,
but there might be drastic changes in the days to come.