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Thread: 18 days in.

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    18 days in.

    So we are 18 days in to the server, just interested in peoples opinions. These can be about anything to do with Ancient EU.

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    Re: 18 days in.

    Well V€TÜ$™¹ is the number one alliance with V€TÜ$™² second and V€TÜ$™° in fifth spot, making it hard for anyone else to win this server, although there are alliances out there that will be trying, they also have 11 players in the top 20 so appear to be the alliances to beat, they did have big problems in the beginning but that seems to be sorted out.
    No one seems to be getting on this forum so maybe this will trigger some replies.

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    Re: 18 days in.

    Well, I wondered what happened to V€TÜ$ 1,2,3 etc. I think they became HP.

    HP and SHPC were the only 2 real alliances on the server for a few weeks and they had a NAP, Suddenly it all came apart in the last few days. From inside SHPC it appears HP hit several players with some big hammers and did some damage.

    I have been watching the influence count and HP lead for a while, but SHPC now has more cities and more influence so we'll see how that goes.

    More to come. Maybe...

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