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Thread: What time is the right time

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    What time is the right time

    Ok.... So I was having a great time playing travian. then life got in the way of all my fun. Let me paint you an outline of how much travian took over my life.
    I would leave for work at 3:00pm, get home from work at around 12:30 am, and play trav/ get ready for bed till 2:30am. Then I would wake up to a kid jumping on my back at around 7am, I would pack him off to school, and go about the rest of my day. So I had about 10 hours of playing/contact time with travian.

    Now I work a mor regular time of 7-4 the morning and nightime rituals take as much toll on me as they do anyone and I need to make time for my wife(which of course should never be at the bottom of any list ).

    I miss being snarky to farms, I miss the satisfaction of seeing an enemy do nothing but fall before my conquering hordes(even failing was fun in its own way), the social side of talking to people from all around the world about a range of topics, all with the common link of travian. But most of all I miss the feeling of achievement. Knowing that I am contributing to the building of a wonder, and the destruction of another, I know its only a bunch of 0's and 1's, but its a year long commitment, and i really enjoyed it.

    So after all that I guess what I'm asking is how do some of you guys with families and comitments that are inarguably more important than travian, still find time for travian? I hope my kids will become more independent as they get older, but my responsibilities will never equal zero.

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    Re: What time is the right time

    You can always do what I did.. bring em into the fold! My dad plays too, and my younger brother.. at one point 2 of my sisters as well (though only 1 had a serious account).

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    Re: What time is the right time

    Or do what I did. Apply and get accepted to a staff position to take up even more time!

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    Re: What time is the right time

    Or do what you have done and contact your first Dual buddy who must have been on the same wave length cause she was talking to another Travian Veteran from AU just a couple of days ago...

    This could be a terrible idea..Having not played for a couple of years it would likely be difficult to reintegrate Travian into RL...
    But...The people on here are definitely a highlight...I'm not biased at all but I think it must have been quiet around here without my spam
    Being a shift worker balancing life with work is difficult enough (sanity went out the window a long time ago which does make it easier) but I might have 4hrs sleep between shifts when other shifts I have 4 days break...Weekends mean nothing to me and neither does night time. Having a smart phone with travian this time could be VERY dangerous though...every tea break I'd turn into a nerd LOL! No more Plants vs Zombies for me

    Being an anvil and bluffing someone into attacking me was always fun especially when they got crippled in the process

    And the spying. I must admit that was fun Skype just makes it too easy LOL!

    I am definitely contemplating....anyone want to try and convince someone who already played 9 servers to come back?
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    Re: What time is the right time

    This may be a terrible idea..Having do not play for a few years it may be difficult to re-enter the world Travian RL ...
    But ...... on here who are definitely a bright spot ...... I'm not biased at all , but I think it must have been quiet here without my spam
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