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Thread: Beginnings

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    Hi Everyone,

    Some of you may know me from Multihunter messages, or have seen me on the forums. For those who haven't, I'm Archaed, I've worked on the AU servers since late 2012 and while fairly "new" to the crew scene, I've played a fair few rounds here.

    I'd like to take the time to thank both Kafkaesque and Kat for their hard work and dedication over the years towards the AU servers, and wish them both good luck with their new positions both in the game, and in full time work.

    With the departure of both Kat and Kafkaesque, I will be taking on the role of both Forum Admin (yes, I have the forum awards) and Community Manager, so there's a lot on my plate, but nothing I can't handle.

    I'm always willing to answer questions and take feedback so feel free to send a pm on here if you ever need.

    I'm ecstatic to take over the role of Community Manager and really look forward to working with you all to make the AU servers and forum the place we all love.

    your (new) Community Manager

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    Re: Beginnings

    Noobs! Grab the pitchforks, we must Revolt!
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    Re: Beginnings

    Welcome aboard young man. I'm sure you will do well.

    RIP Mathy. Forever loved!

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