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Thread: Passing the CM hat on

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    Passing the CM hat on

    Hi everyone,

    I joined the crew in 2009 as a volunteer Multihunter and later became the Community Manager of our domain. Iíve been here for the highs and lows with the old timers and new comers over the past 5 years on crew. So it was a very hard decision to make, but I have resigned from the position of Community Manager for Travian AU.

    Over the past year I have been taking on more responsibility at Travian Games. I recently joined HQ as a Project Manager for Customer Service and Community Management.

    I realised that with my focus on my new job, our Travian AU community hasnít been getting the attention it should from me, so as much as I love my job as CM, I need to pass that responsibility onto someone with the time to give our community that it needs and deserves.

    Iím really sad to be leaving the Australian crew, but Iím really happy and excited because our new Community Manager is someone so dedicated to the domain.

    Our new Community Manager is Archaed

    For those that donít know him, until now he has been my Head Multihunter and has been assisting me a lot over the past year with my CM tasks, so I feel that the domain couldnít go into better hands. Iím sure heíll introduce himself properly very soon.

    Congrats Archaed! and all the best in your new role

    I feel strange leaving the team after so long, but actually this also means thatÖ. IíM FINALLY ALLOWED TO PLAY THE TRAVIAN AU SERVERS AGAIN!

    ♫♬ ♬♫

    "Limitations are in ourselves, for what we see is only what we are"

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    Re: Passing the CM hat on

    Sad to see you go, but that's life; some things you have to let go to make way for other things.
    Why don't you venture over to the us. domain instead?

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    Re: Passing the CM hat on

    sad to see you go you did a great job!


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    Re: Passing the CM hat on

    It has been a pleasure to work with you. Good luck in your future endevors. Live long and prosper. >.>

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