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Thread: Dead Forum, Dead Server

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    Re: Dead Forum, Dead Server

    Quote Originally Posted by Ferocious View Post

    About how simming is better. If you check the hall of fame for lasy round (not sure if it's updated tho). You'll see me and Eum at the top attacker spot.
    We even held the ww which costed us a ton of resources and troops which means we could have had double from the nr. 2 spot. Anyway the point i want to make is that this game doesn't really start until day 111 whether you like it or not. In every new server there's this one ally with teutons all over the server excelling in top robbers and attackers. Barely any of em will make it to the end because once they lose their tiny hammers in week 4 they're 3 weeks behind in simming. Also with the new oasis and extended beginners protection (or was that only the birthday server?) i can outsim you to v2. So why would you even bother playing 24 hours a day trying to pick up all them resources when 24 minutes and some gold will give you a better basis, not too mention nobody has cata's i won't lose my fields when you will lose your clubbies from starvation or nature or pesky natars or random romans who decided to def with their hero's.
    I don't play anymore and I really can't be bothered reading that solid paragraph of text at the moment... I can see that it is a badly written single paragraph of short sentences with too many full stops, not enough spacing, and no commas.

    It will hurt my hungover brain to read, so I will reply properly another time when my head doesn't feel like it's been run over by a bus.

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    Re: Dead Forum, Dead Server

    I see we both agree i'm way out of your league

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    Re: Dead Forum, Dead Server

    Out of the league is one thing.. out of the server is a whole other level. Only noobs give up

    On an unrelated note: Who wants popcorn?

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    Re: Dead Forum, Dead Server

    plain, buttered,coloured or caramel

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