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Thread: Safiren's Corner

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    Safiren's Corner

    It's nice to have a english forum to write on. I hope you will enjoy reading my observations from the Tournament.

    The outcome of the first days registration isn't as bad as I feared with the late announcement. There are big differences on some servers compared with last year. Maximum will be reached after one week.

    I hope that Captcha will prevent multibots. A funny thing is that I needed to do a captcha the firsts times I logged in on ae. Arabian players was banned for multiaccounts a lot in last final...

    2 days Last year 1 day
    International 5300 6500
    Germany 2000 1700
    Russia 3300 2800
    France 2000 2800
    Hungarian 1300 2900
    Czech 2200 3200
    Poland 2300 1800
    Turkey 5200 4000
    Arab Emirates 12600 6000
    Saudi Arabia 4800 5600
    Scandinavia 1300 1200
    Balkan 2100 6500
    Spain / Chile 2000 4500
    Portugal / Brasilien 1700 3600
    Asia 2300 0
    50400 53100
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    Re: Safiren's Corner

    Top player and Top farmer is checked before midnight sunday servertime. Second village this evening when I was home from work. I have no possibility to check all 15 servers on work so I can't tell you who was first with second village but I got a message from International that it had happend 16:30 servertime. (Last numbers is rank in pop)

    Server Top player Top farmer Second village
    Player pop Player farmed
    International cookiekhan! 211 The Antichrist 152000 peacekeeper 55
    Buckshot Sint 75
    Zloy 450
    Germany Bloody Stayer 219 Vaniteux 123000 Babo 21
    Liqu!d Love 53
    Die Angsthasen 83
    Venceremos 157
    Bon Voyage 184
    Russia Gaja 223 4yGatSteR_ 120000 incognitus 20
    serb 122
    Hungary Over 213 D3VILS 102000 Jellybean 230
    Czech offce 219 Feak & Blizzy 124000 offce 1
    Storm 7
    ricin 216
    Naro & Jaruš 256
    Spontex 278
    Poland misiukolorowy57 214 Ganger Squad 161000 anonymouse 8
    Ganger Squad 9
    Saudi Arabia Tally 185 خريص 139000 0
    Balkan Bane 197 viking 103000 Duo Queue 163
    Portugal/Brazil Burro&Jumento 226 FCA 127000 0
    Spain/Chile FlorenceCassez 203 LastChance 165000 Hanso 44
    Astro 58
    Dalton 181
    Asia Happy 216 ENALI 146000 Macey 22
    ENALI 108
    devil_u 117
    chin123 124
    one day 131
    M&L 178
    France toko 218 mxkevmx 99000 Prince_charmant 6
    Dai Huen Jai 19
    Scandinavia Infected Dirt 213 RockNRolla 182000 RockNRolla 1
    Ares 19
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    My funniest memory, the docusoup we played at 2008/2009

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    Re: Safiren's Corner

    On the international server it was;

    twisted fate
    buckshot sint

    i believe as I saw twisted fate with a village before buckshot

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    Top 1 corrected

    I realized last night that is was Sunday again. A bit confusing to have 2 Sundays in a week. I have a feeling that I've lost a Monday somewhere.. I need that Monday so plz give me a call if you find it.

    I've corrected the numbers on the Real Sunday midnight but I missed to collect a few, sorry.

    Interesting that the amount of players don't seem to inflict on how much it is possible to farm.

    The server that has most players farm less. It is random if I need captcha even to login there.

    Server Top player Top farmer Players on server
    International Dare Devil 466 Pop Eye 750000 7900
    Germany Wunder Lampe 471 G-HAD 673000 2600
    Turkey My roma_ro 647 7200
    Russia 4700
    Hungary Diizzel26 432 D3VILS 453000 2100
    Czech offce 491 offce 756000 3300
    Poland Ganger Squad 516 Ganger Squad 788000 3000
    Saudi Arabia Aka Sky 466 5900
    Balkan viking 573 PlaNNeR 738000 3400
    Portugal/Brazil urro&Jumento 477 Somos os Piores 486000 2600
    Spain/Chile Thabatos 445 Last Chance 655000 3300
    Asia Gray Cardinal 465 Gray Cardinal 887000 3300
    Arab Emirates KissofDead 469 302000 11600
    France Dal Huen Jal 520 PieDporC 569000 3700
    Scandinavia RockNRolla 415 RockNRolla 810000 2000
    My funniest memory, the docusoup we played at 2008/2009

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    Re: Safiren's Corner

    Enali Top farmer Asia server

    Safiren wrote:


    I'm sorry I'm late with the questions, but irl, it is Game of Thrones on mondays here . Do you always use the same nick? I asked around and some recognized it but didn't remember from where.

    I hope you have time to answer some of the questios.. I'm happy for what you can give me and my readers



    ENALI wrote:

    Hi, Safiren

    Sorry for not answering your questions until now.;p

    - Yes, I always use this ID.

    1.Tell us something about yourself please. Where are you from Male or female? How old are you?? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game? What do you do when not playing Travian?

    - I'm a chinese guy, who is studying informatic in germany at the moment.
    And I'm 26. I've been playing Travian for almost 2 years I think.
    Besides from playing game, I'm preparing and writing my bachelor thesis now.

    2. As you can understand we are a bit curious about what happened with your accout. You were top raider but suddenly was banned and you losted pop. Is it something you can tell us about it?

    - This is actually a dual account. Yes we got banned becuz we took some PUSH from other accounts, which were later said to be BOTS by MH. However, i didnt handle this stuff directly, so i have to reserve my opnions about this problem.
    At that moment when we got banned we already have altogether 800 keulens.
    Sadly all our troops were cleared and pop was halved in order to unban our account.

    3. What do you think about the Tournament and why have you choosed to play on Asia server?

    - I participated in the last 2013 TT Finals, and i like that kind of teamworks. That makes game intersting and players can be motivated.
    There is no specific reason why we choosed APAC, its just qualified. So we decided to have more fun and play loosely.

    4. As I can see you and Dai Huen Jai isn't alone to farm as you do. I have accounts on all qualification servers and one every server it is a few that farm this much. Was is your secret (a russian guy on the scandinaivan also farmed over 800)? You must have something in common.

    - How to farm much? Dual means nearly 24h/day and I guess im not quite an expert, I do farm well, however, my dual partner did far better than me.

    5.Is it anything you want to say to the other travian players around the world?

    - last TT finals, i reallized russians are really prof. players and also do well as a team. And I saw euro guys were united and showed overwhelming power.
    Chinese team did well last round, however, i think we can do better
    The most important thing, i hope every player can have a lot of fun in this game, whatever u are trying to have a real battle in game or just being a farmer and contributing to your team.

    My funniest memory, the docusoup we played at 2008/2009

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    Re: Safiren's Corner

    It was lucky I started to count ny way trough the servers. When I was done I discovered I missed two. One of them I had happened to close today but the other one, Balkan, I haven't logged in on it since 6th May – lol. I have counted – twice- that I have 15 tabs now in my browser

    This week I took a closer look on the inactives. I started with farmlists on some servers and on my own server, Scandinavian, 90% of the inactivs was banned. A bit frustratering. So I check the others with the tools that are avaible in a wide area around my starter. Not many banned at all on the most servers. Scandinavian is the worst, Hungary and Balkan have many too but not as on Scand.

    I checked the Natars too because I have noticed an unusual amount of Natar villages on Arab Emirates. And yes it was rue, both arabian servers has un unusual amount of Natar villages. International is third.

    The players have increased on on all servers exept arabians and is now 70.000. Far behind last years numbers, 165.000. As the start was nearly equal as last year it seems that it is the group of plaers that are interested enough to keep an eye that have started. And it haven't been filled up with multibots.

    The notice that Qualification should start was only a few days and not announced on forums. I begin to se why.Less time for the cheaters to prepare and since they probably starts early it's easier to track them down if it isn't so many players.

    TG looks to have been successful in their hunting. The use of Captcha in registration was an awaited change and looks to have worked good, except on Scandinavian, I wonder why. It's easy to see on the account names that it is a bot. I still need Captcha to login on the arabiaa servers, mostly on ae.

    So TG use the Tournament to test their new tools and I'm gladly a “test monkey” if it give us a fair game.

    There is one another remarcable difference between this qualification and the last one. When I was out of protection last time it didn't take long time before I had a lot of incoming raids. 20-30 was usual every time I logged in. 50 on some servers. France had the most with far over 100 for weeks, topped on 150 I think. Bots..

    This time the raids are sporadic, not many per day if at all. Of course I have crannies enough

    I have to end this. Below are the statistics. Some names shows up again. RockNRolla who farmed equal with Enali last week have much less this week. A result of the many banned accounts on his server supposedly.

    Top ally Top farmer (millions) Players Natars villages
    Saud Arabia Lions Paranoia 2.7 5456 1316
    Arab Emirates World Never peace 3.4 10017 1843
    Hungary AVG TEJE5K4VEK 3.5 2391 86
    Czech KSN&MoD OFFce 4.9 3889 156
    Poland TH1 Ganger Squad 4.1 3528 101
    Russia Nova 5373 225
    Turkey KARA 7863 398
    Germany TF Rox 2.3 2746 97
    France ZI-GOS Royal Air Force 2.7 4452 147
    Ibero LAT LastChance 3.6 3595 154
    Asia Beer Enali 8.4 3444 199
    International Wolfpack The Antichrist 3.7 8327 631
    Scandinavia HH RockNRolla 2.2 1966 113
    Luso MET Gen DK 1.8 2800 142
    Balkan HELLAS Hooligan 2.8 3983 148
    My funniest memory, the docusoup we played at 2008/2009

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    Re: Safiren's Corner

    A bit late but I waited for an interview and then a lot of time goes to manage all my observation accounts. Yesterday evening I couldn't resist any longer and made a long farmlist on scand instead of posting in my Corner *chuckle*

    The 18 June artefacts will appear and the qualification will be closed for new registrations. If you haven't started yet or have friends that wants to play next final then it's time to start an account now.

    I have listed my ranks to give you a hint where it will be easy to qualify even with a late start. On the first 8 servers I have 2 villages, pop 350-450. Next 3 servers, member of an ally but still low active ,2-3 villages, pop 450-700. Last 4 is my more active accounts, 4-6 villages 1400 – 2400.

    Lol – I could for sure need some duals ^^

    Natars Players My Rank
    AE 4203 4450 1295
    RU 575 5000 2587
    CZ 407 3600 1529
    Balkan 428 3350 1493
    SA 2333 3500 1201
    TR 915 6950 2933
    HU 259 2350 961
    Luso 285 2550 1139
    PL 284 3400 1700
    DE 265 2700 1271
    FR 353 4250 1589
    Ibero 338 3100 349
    Asia 426 2800 432
    Int 1401 5850 253
    Scand 278 1600 77

    I checked the Natars and Players again. The Arabian servers is somewhat amazing. There will soon be more natars then players there.. International seems to have been cleaned too. I guess that Turkey is next, the last server with most players in beginning.

    It makes me wonder how many players on the servers that are real players. Many times we accuse Travian Games for changes that in our opinion destroy the game – but the simple truth is that we players ourselves have a great part in this. Don't accept cheaters as leaders or in allys!

    The rest of the server seems more “normal” so far. Around 300 natars, 3000 players. Total amount of players is 55.000.

    Saud Arabia and Arab Emirates

    International and Turkey

    I saw someone mention that it will be 30.000 players in final. That is not true. The server can hold 30.000 players as a maximum. There is a big difference there. The 2 last finals it have been 15.000 players as most and ended around 8.000.

    But don't worry, you will not notice the difference. Be prepared that every single spot will be occupied very far out. If you don't like neigthbours the final isn't for you.

    Top week 4

    Last week gave us several surprises. Enali from Asia lost his toprank. Ganger Squad from Poland is the new Champion – and not only as robber and attacker – they was Top deffer too. 3 Gold medals. Congratulations!

    TP meta, Poland, got all 4 Gold medals. KSN&MoD/MoD&KSN, Czech, European, Turkey, and AVG/CsN, Hungary, got 3 Gold medals.

    I think European is a new constelation on Turkey as KD is on Saud Arabia. On Luso (Portugal(Brazilien) MET is the dominating meta. On France two allys is fighting for the Gold medal, ZI~GØS~™ and /-Ru*, they got two each.

    And sorry, I closed the wrong tab and lost International, the only I remember from there is that REV did quite well.

    Top Attacker Top Robber Millions Top Deffer
    PL Ganger Squad 19K Ganger Squad 44,2 Ganger Squad 13K
    RU Billy Milligan 23K Ermak 25,5
    Asia ENALI 35K ENALI 22,4 vp the great 9K
    AE mohammad10 17K TiTaN AtTaCk 16,9 ASSMED 10K
    CZ Nitager 17K Ricin 16 Vasek 23K
    Balkan Tenkista 14K FTS 15,7 AJEmKul 11K
    DE JEFF! 26K Babo 13,6 Psycho Kalle 38K
    Scand RockNRolla 26K RockNRolla 11,3 Ako Suminoe 7K
    FR Pegase 21K Joker 11,1 popoledingue 14K
    HU TEJE5K4VEK 11K TEJE5K4VEK 10,3 Toth 7K
    TR pasapasa 26K dominant 9,1 Revolution 13K
    Luso Sorry 13K gyzmo 8,9 sergioconceicao 8K
    Ibero Edward Newgate 23k Supermercado 4,1 Bulldog 15K

    Interview with Ganger Squad/TP, Poland

    ____________Safiren wrote:
    Hi!You have had an amazing week! Top attacker, Top Deffer and Top Robber. With that you are the Top player of the world this week. Congratulations!

    Your points on Robber list is stunning! Ẃith 44 millions resources you have twice as much as Enali who so far have been Top robber of the world.

    Please be kind and tell us how you managed to do this. Who are the players on your account? Where did you played in the last Final? How are your relationship to Cynk on the qualification server? Can you tell us anything else from this server?

    What do you think about T4.4?

    May I use your profil in my blog?

    Best regards


    Hi Safiren!

    Thanks for the message. We have so much points of robber because our account is active 24h. Also Seveno play here and he very likes to farm, he spends a lot of time to make lists.

    We are four people on account. Seveno and pacuhh played on last final in account Seveno. Rudolfina - Kaska and conrad played in Ginger Kids. You should remember both accounts.

    Now we are playing together and we have big fun.Cynk and TH, their are ours main enemies. We can't forget what they did in last final - they are traitors and we will do our best to beat them. Now we are preparing to war with them and we will see see what happens

    This is first T4.4 server and we think the some of change are good, we can say more after the server.

    Yes of course you can use ours profil if u want.


    team Ganger Squad

    My funniest memory, the docusoup we played at 2008/2009

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