Game T4.4 Botox-1 #1800


- TRAVIANIV-7014 Culture points: Accounts: The cp's received by every new account are not fixed anymore, they now have a formula which also reacts to the speed.
- TRAVIANIV-7091 Alliance: Reports: If you change your active village while in the alliance report view, then the reports were not shown anymore. Fixed.
- some database optimizations.


Mobile optimization
- TRAVIANIV-6984 RTL: In the dorf1 view (resources fields) there has been some unused empty space next to the village name. This has been removed.
- TRAVIANIV-7018 A lot of pop up dialogs in the game had a tiny closing button (the "x") which made it hard to push. We enlarged it.
- TRAVIANIV-7019 LowRes Version: The navigation on the map was realized by a "crosshair".
This is now changed to direction arrows which are located on all 4 sides of the map.

Beginners Protection
- TRAVIANIV-6968 It is now possible to send troops to own villages while the player is still in beginners protection.
- TRAVIANIV-6967 It is now possible to send resources to own villages while the player is still in beginners protection.


- TRAVIANIV-7009 Marketplace: Trade routes: Players would like to be able to deactivate trade routes without deleting them.
Implemented. There are checkboxes now to deactivate/activate an existing trade route.

Game T4.4 Botox-2 #1804


Daily Quests
- TRAVIANIV-6969 Rewards: Your Grain Mill reward from the tutorial quests will now only be receivable if you have the specific requirements. If not you will get a message which is closable so that then the reward can be collected later.
- TRAVIANIV-7117 Players can't reach 100 points. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-7104 Adventure: Quest doesnt trigger when the hero dies while doing the adventure. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-6957 Oases: Raiding an empty oases with a hero who has cages equipped did not trigger the daily quest. fixed.

- TRAVIANIV-7052 Adventures: Players received one more cavalry troop as a reward than they should. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-7069 Report: Traderoutes: If you send resources to someone in your alliance and this player has an artefact in this village then in the report you are the sender and also the recipient. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-6034 T4.4: Quest: Questmaster box: A typo caused the language variable QuestSystemExceptionMessage shown wrongly. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-7079 Confederacy forum: Its not possible to delete posts or threads of the other alliance. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-7120 Culture points: Natar WW villages in grey area still produced culture points although they have been conquered by a player. Fixed.


Market place
- TRAVIANIV-7056 Trade routes are still being started on a banned account. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-7017 Trade routes: Routes to an artefact villages within your alliance still start even when the artefact has been stolen. This is now fixed because all traderoutes from within the alliance to this villages will be removed from the depending players trade route list.
- TRAVIANIV-7128 Accepting better offers than 1:1 is not possible during beginners protection.

Naming and Language Stuff
- TRAVIANIV-7080 Multilanguage Servers: Special language characters: Merged allowed chars from lt, lv and ee. This allows a better communication between players from ee/lt/lv.
- TRAVIANIV-6321 Village name: A single quote is changed to a blank, when it is used in the village name.

- TRAVIANIV-6933 Mobile optimization: clicking on a heroes item once shows the info, the second click uses the item. With that method, its now possible to see the description of the
item which was before hold in the tooltip which was not reachable with a mobile device.
- TRAVIANIV-6067 Natars: Artefact villages: the villages did not get deleted after the artefact has been conquered. Fixed, they now get deleted.

known issues:
- TRAVIANIV-7179 Culture points: The culture points are added exactly at the start of the celebration. But the date and the time are modified at the end of the celebration. This can be confusing for players.

Game T4.4 Botox-3 #1807
- Speed Server: Daily Quests: Rewards: CP reward is smaller when playing on speed server than on a regular server.