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Thread: Travian Mobile App Discussion

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    Travian Mobile App Discussion

    Discussion thread for this announcement post:

    Hi everyone,

    Have you heard about the Travian Mobile App for T5?

    Check out our blog to see a video from KEEN, the creator of Travian explaining why we haven't had a Travian App in the past.

    Here you can also get all the news about the upcoming T5 game version!

    Kind regards,


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    Re: Travian Mobile App Discussion

    Maybe a suggestion: Why not advertise the travian App on the homepage of each domain? I notice that it is not there, although I think there was an announcement when it came out on the homepage too. On my cellphone it was not too hard to find, though there were 2 apps of which one was definitely a no-go (some bot I think).

    It would however help if people could find information on the App direction on the homepage

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    Re: Travian Mobile App Discussion

    Hi John,

    Actually the official app still hasn't been released yet, it will be released with the launch of Travian 5.

    The announcement was on the Travian AU mainpage, but it was removed for other announcements. It will get bumped back up there soon.

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    "Limitations are in ourselves, for what we see is only what we are"

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