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Thread: Travian and the War on Bots

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    Travian and the War on Bots

    Dear players,

    We are aware that some of our servers are suffering recently from massive registrations of bot accounts.

    While we won’t go in details about what we are doing to contain this issue, we can say major changes are currently being worked on by our developers. Those changes will be released to the live servers as soon as they are completed and tested.

    We know this is really frustrating for you but please keep in mind, we have made large advances against the in-game bots over the last few months and now, this is the result: they use registration bots now. We will continue to battle them and they will probably keep changing their tactics. There are many battles in a war

    This is something we take seriously. It is a threat to the company. It makes the game less enjoyable for you, and that is completely unacceptable.

    We also want to answer your comments that it “takes too long”. Yes, It does. We plan, code and test. Then, we fix anything we find that needs fixing or tuning and then the fun part starts: we have many systems that have to be integrated and tested again, before we can release the updates that deal with this sort of thing. Yes, it does take a while. But – we are very proactive about this. You can expect we will remain proactive.

    Kind regards,
    Your Travian team

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    Re: Travian and the War on Bots

    Hi everyone,

    As you will have seen we have recently added CAPTCHAs to our registration page to help prevent some multi account bots from registering automatically.

    In addition to this:

    As one of the steps in our War on Bots, we have developed a system to help us identify accounts that are operating bots or scripts. In the very near future, we will start to put that system into good use, and extensively so. So you will notice an increase in banned accounts.

    But don’t worry, we don’t intend to let banned accounts fill the map and clog your farm-lists. We will work as fast as we can to have those accounts either released from their ban, after a discussion with the owner, or deleted completely.

    Kind regards,
    Your Travian Team

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    "Limitations are in ourselves, for what we see is only what we are"

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