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Thread: Banned vills disappear from farm lists!

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    Banned vills disappear from farm lists!

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, so apologies if not but it needs to be mentioned somewhere.

    Banned vills are no longer showing up in my farm lists. This is new, as of less than 24 hours ago. (on aux, don't know if other servers are affected yet).

    When some of these vills are unbanned (as some of them may well be) will they automatically re-appear, or will I have to spend time adding them back in?

    Does this bother anyone else?


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    Re: Banned vills disappear from farm lists!

    No it doesn't bother me and I think it is actually quite a good thing. With the multibot settler surges it's quite easy to end up with over half the farmlist banned. They all get deleted so it's better not to have them after that. I'm not sure if they come back on the list because I doubt any of them will on my list. Who gets farmed enough to go on a list, gets banned and then comes back? It would be very few fit that profile compared to the hundreds or thousands of multibots.

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