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Thread: Closure of AU5 Discussion

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    Closure of AU5 Discussion

    This thread is to discuss the closure of AU5. Please feel free to voice your comments/concerns/questions etc here.

    Here is the announcement made about it:

    2. Closure of AU5

    Due to no longer having a Classic server on Travian AU, we have decided to close AU5 so as to keep our current number of four normal T4 servers. This way we hope to avoid spreading our player numbers too thin across the AU gameworlds.

    As AU4 is now T4.2 I would like to suggest that anyone who was waiting for AU5 to restart to please register for AU4 instead.

    AU4 is essentially the "new" AU5. So please spread the word to your fellow AU5 players!

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    Re: Closure of AU5 Discussion

    I think this is the right decision. Our numbers were spread thin over the 5 normal servers. Would still like to see a classic server on AU though.
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