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Thread: Fake Attacks On World Wonders

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    Fake Attacks On World Wonders

    Hi everyone,

    We have made a change to the game due to players overloading World Wonder holder's rally points with fake attacks that land at the same time as a strategy to make the WW account unplayable for a while so that a real attack can hit the WW without the defender being able to do anything about it.

    Many gameworlds have been affected by this exploit and there's already a plan for the coders to work on a solution for this very soon, but coding it and testing it and then releasing it might take a while. We don't want more servers to be influenced by this in the meantime, so we have a temporary solution:

    The temporary solution is that no fake attacks will be able to arrive to a WW village at all. TechSupport have installed a cron on all T4 and T4.2 worlds that cancels fake attacks against the WW village. This is now active on ALL (but T3.6) servers worldwide.

    What defines a fake attack will not be specified as we don't want players attempting to make WW accounts unplayable by dodging around the fix.

    We respect and are always interested to see and hear about new strategies that players come up with but as this strategy directly affects the playability of the game for WW holders, we have installed this quick fix to ensure a fair game for all players until a permanent solution is created.

    If you wish to comment on, ask questions or discuss this change please see the discussion thread here:

    Kind regards,

    Your Travian Team

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    Re: Fake Attacks On World Wonders

    Hi all,

    This issue has been fixed on T4.2, so the limitations on fake attacks sent to the World Wonders has been lifted on all T4.2 gameworlds.

    You can now send fake attacks on WWs normally again.

    Happy battling!

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    Re: Fake Attacks On World Wonders


    Players on some T4.0 gameworlds have again tried breaking WW holder accounts but this time with "fake" reinforcements and fake scoutings.

    - Reinforcements to the World Wonders on T4.0 servers with less than 30 troops will be automatically canceled.
    - Scouting attempts on WWs without a realistic number of scouts will automatically be canceled.

    AU's T4.0 servers are AU1 and AU2.

    Reinforcements can be sent normally on all other AU gameworlds.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused but this change is to protect everyone's WW holders, if they can't play their accounts, your alliance can't win, so we needed to make this change so the game is fair for everyone.

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