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Thread: Travian 4.2 is finally here!

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    Travian 4.2 is finally here!

    The Travian development team has been quite busy the last few months and has made Travian an even better game for the community to experience! There are a lot of new features which will improve the game, and in addition to this, the new user interface will enhance your daily game play. Were you tired of the resource-pushing, silver fraud, bots or spam messages, and want the game to be played in the fairest way possible? There are also some changes that will prevent some of these abuses. Below you can find a list of these new features, each of them is elaborated in detail to help you understand the new T4.2 better!

    1. Facelift (Travian has never looked so good)
    2. Tutorial (Just started? Don't worry, it is now easier to learn Travian and become a pro)
    3. Tasks (Much easier, much prettier!)
    4. Farm list (So addictive, you can't stop farming)
    5. Improved Natars (They are now even better farms!)
    6. Pushing-Protection (No more resource pushing!)
    7. Improved Drop Table (Some minor changes in items drop rate/time)

    1. Facelift
    Travian has never looked so good! Adding juiciness to the players' click routes, along with a much better looking user interface. This new appearance of Travian 4.2 not only looks good, but it also actually helps the game-play by great measures. Here are images from T4 and the all new, exciting T4.2 for you guys to compare.

    T4: Did you like how the old Travian looked?

    T4.2:Then you will like the new Travian even more!

    All the info you need on the amazing features of the new T4.2 facelift.

    The new details on top of your screen:
    1. Indicators for resource-boost usage (the +25% bonus is now much more easily accessible)
    2. All the detailed summary about production/bonus/consumption/+boost of e.g. your crops, can be monitored from here. (Resource handling will be easier, especially when your account grows.
      In Detail (coming soon):
    3. Administrative functions in a separate menu with a neutral style (such as the settings)
    4. Shortcut-menu for most used buildings/functions

    We edited some of the functionality on the left of your screen

    1. Hero's status, such as hero's experience.
    2. Retractable menus
    3. Alliance's status and access to main user interface
    4. Info box to deliver the players notifications about downtimes etc.

    Edited access to the info on the right side of your home screen.

    1. Village-summary with shortcut-buttons
    2. Improved task handling (makes it much easier to keep track of your current tasks)

    It is now a lot easier to simply get to the shop, read about the different advantages that you could buy, or just buy them with a few clicks.
    1. If you don't have enough gold, clicking the item will get you to the Shop much faster now, without distracting you from the game.
    2. With just one click get all the info on Travian Plus without having your game page disturbed.

    The tutorial is presented to you in smaller steps, and is now much easier to understand and follow.

    All of the tasks obtained are now enhanced with pictures which will help new players learn the game and understand the ways of Travian much faster.

    Farm list
    A limitation of 100 targets per list now exists. Along with the possibility to create 100 farm lists per account, that grants good performance even in the rough endgame.

    Improved Natar AI
    The Natars are even smarter now, but it will just make them better farms. The resource production in the Natar villages is more realistic and is based on the village's size, which will make them much better targets for raids.

    Pushing Protection
    It is even harder to push resources as there will be a limitation on the resource transfer at the beginning of the game (yeah that's right, no more pushing!).

    Improved Drop-Table
    Powerful items that could be found by the hero, will drop later in the game and won't be available at the start. This adds fairness to the game because it makes a massive push of the hero's skills right from the beginning impossible.

    Good luck in conquering the world of Travian 4.2

    Your Travian Team

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    Re: Travian 4.2 is finally here!

    Trade limits and Friendly fire protection for T4.2:

    List of T4.2 Quests and Rewards:

    T4.2 Discussion thread:

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