Hi everyone,

We have created a special Medal for our loyal players! Here is the information about these new medals and who gets them!

  • Every Player who plays TRAVIAN for 3 Years or longer and was active in the past weeks will receive this Medal.
  • Every Player who plays TRAVIAN for 5 Years or longer and is still active active - will additionally receive a Goldvoucher.
  • Due to technical grounds, the medal will only be active for newly created accounts.
  • If Players changed their e-mail in the past 5 Years and have for example 2 years per e-mail, they will not receive the medal, as we can only identify them by their e-mail address.
  • The reference date for the Medal is the 24.12 - so if a player started on or after the 25.12.2009 he will not receive the Medal. Therefore, the reference date for the goldvoucher is the 24.12.2007.

If you created a new account on or after 24.12.2012 and meet the above requirements and don't have the veteran medal code in the medal list when you edit your profile, please contact support ingame.

If you have questions or comments about the new medals please reply by clicking here

Kind regards,

Your Travian Team